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Migration certificate

A migration certificate is one of the crucial pieces of documentation a student has to obtain from CBSE or any other educational board with which their school is associated, whereas TC is proof to the school administration that a student has finished the course of study at a particular institution and is qualified to transfer to a higher education institution. Students must continue their education at other institutions.

So, make sure that you educate yourself with complete information and stay proactive regarding the same so that you can continue your education with utmost ease. In this comprehensive blog, we tried our best to make you aware of each and every aspect of the migration certificate and provided a step-by-step guide wherever it’s needed.

We will cover topics like how to download migration certificate online for different educational boards in India, along with CBSE.

So, keep scrolling till the end, as we won’t leave any significant questions unanswered by the end of the blog.

What is the use of a Migration Certificate? 

When a student wants to move from one educational institution to another, it’s mandatory to submit a migration certificate to the new school/ college to get admission. In simple language, a migration certificate means an official document issued by your current school that clearly permits you to migrate from their institution to a new institution. For example, a migration certificate after the twelfth from your current school/ college is mandatory for you to submit to the university to which you are planning to migrate to pursue your graduation. Some educational institutions may even ask for a Bonafide certificate along with a migration certificate. You can download the migration certificate either from online portals or get it from your school itself.

How to get Migration Certificate? | Know these crucial things before it’s too late

It can become too overwhelming and stressful for a student who is busy arranging various things to get admission into their dream college. As we know, obtaining this important certificate is a must to progress in your education. Let’s figure out some important things that you should know well in advance so that you won’t get stressed when the time arrives. 

How long does it take for the issuance of a migration certificate? 

If you have successfully cleared your 10+2 examinations, this certificate will be directly sent to your school. You can collect it from there and submit it to the institution where you will be pursuing your graduation. The time required for issuing the migration certificate may vary depending on the university/board from whom you are seeking the migration certificate. However, with the availability of online portals to download your certificates, it’s no longer as hectic as it was a few years ago. After successful completion of your board exams, you can directly get them from your school premises. But if you apply for it manually (in case you lost the original certificate), you will get it in less than a month in most cases, no matter under which educational board your school/ college is operating.

What to do if you lose your migration certificate?

You can request your respective board to issue you a migration certificate if in case you lost your original certificate. A migration certificate after the twelfth is needed to get admission into any university. In case you lost it, instead of panicking, you can request a duplicate migration certificate from the respective board. 

For CBSE, you have to apply it from a regional office by paying the prescribed fee over there. You can simply get started by filling out a form. You have to pay the nominal application fee of Rs. 250 and apply at a regional CBSE office. But if it’s an urgent requirement, you will be charged an extra 500 rupees, and the certificate will be issued within two working days in this case. Courier charges will vary depending on the location where you are applying from. 

How is the application process different in various educational boards in India? 

For the sake of convenience, let’s keep our focus on the four popular educational boards in India, namely CBSE, ICSE, IB, and State Boards. But let’s understand the application procedure for each of the four popular educational boards in India if you have to apply for the migration certificate for a specific reason. 

How to apply for a Migration Certificate from a school affiliated with CBSE?

You can request CBSE to issue a duplicate migration certificate from their official website. You can also request other documents like mark sheets and pass certificates from the same website. 

If you want to apply from a regional CBSE office, you have to pay the nominal application fee of Rs. 250. But if it is an urgent requirement, you will be charged an extra 500 rupees, and the certificate will be issued within two working days in this case. Courier charges will vary depending on the location where you are applying from. 

You can also download the softcopy of your migration certificate from Digilocker. If you don’t know what Digi locker is, click here to read our detailed blog about it. 

How to apply for a Migration Certificate from a school with ICSE Curriculum?

Just like CBSE, students with the ICSE curriculum also can collect their migration certificate from their school premises after completing their 10+2. Here the fee is Rs. 150, which the student has to bear. But remember that even after getting your migration certificate from ICSE, you need to get it endorsed by the corresponding authorities from your school. 

How to apply for a Migration Certificate from a school under IB Education Board?

The migration certificate from a school that operates under the board of International Baccalaureate states that the IB educational board has no issues with the student joining a new educational institute. So, it’s mandatory for you to know how to get a migration certificate from IB educational board in order to join a new educational institution. Check out this link to apply for a migration certificate for a school under the IB educational board.

How to apply for Migration Certificate for schools operating under a state board?

For the sake of understanding, let’s take the example of the Telangana State Board of intermediate education. By successfully completing the second year of your intermediate course, you can expect your migration certificate from your college. Just like CBSE, for state boards also, a migration certificate after the twelfth is mandatory to grab a seat in your favourite university. If you are a student of Telangana, you can also apply for a migration certificate online. You have to visit the TSBIE website and click on the “student online services” section. There, you will find an option for applying migration certificate. You will be paying a nominal fee of Rs. 300(which might change over a period of time.) You will get an acknowledgment number that states your application has been successfully accepted. 

What are the documents needed to obtain a migration certificate? 

● A no-objection Certificate from your current school/ college.

● Copy of all mark sheets for individual semesters. 

● Copy of Provisional Certificate.  

● A no-due certificate from your current college/school. 

So, before applying for a migration certificate at your school/ college, make sure to have the above-mentioned documents ready with you to speed up the process. 

Please note that the documents required for different boards may vary. It is advised to check with your respective boards before moving ahead.

Importance of Migration Certificate for joining universities outside India:

USA: There is no great significance for the migration certificate if you want to enter an American University. However, if you are planning to migrate from the USA to some other country, it’s better to get the migration certificate from the university in which you studied in the United States so that it will be helpful in your destination country. 

UK: To pursue graduation from a university in the United Kingdom, it is essential to submit the migration certificate of your twelfth grade. So, you have to get your migration certificate if you haven’t received it already in order to join your dream university in the United Kingdom. 


Just like in the USA, you don’t need a migration certificate to study in Australia. But, you have to submit other important documents like provisional certificates of your past academic background along with individual mark sheets are also needed along with your English proficiency test results. 

We believe that most of your doubts got cleared about how to get a migration certificate. To conclude, your migration certificate will be sent to your school from the respective educational board, and you can collect them upon successful completion of your board exams. In any special case, if you want to apply for the migration certificate manually, you can follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned in this blog and can receive your migration certificate within twenty working days. 


What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a migration certificate? 

You should have cleared the board examinations in order to be eligible to receive a migration certificate. 

Is a migration certificate the same as a transfer certificate? 

No, they both are different. Let’s understand with an example. If you want to change the board from CBSE to another board, you need a migration certificate. If you want to move from one school/college to another within the same vertical, a transfer certificate would be enough.

How to deal if you lose your original migration certificate?

That’s when you have to request your respective board by paying the prescribed fee. Chances are that you will receive a duplicate certificate within twenty days from the date of application. 

After the application, how will I receive my migration certificate? 

Using Online portals, which are available for almost every educational board in India, you can download the soft copy of your migration certificate. However, the hard copy will be sent to your address by post within the prescribed time.

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