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Texas International Academy(TIA) is a trusted Intermediate College in Hyderabad, especially for undergraduate admissions abroad in courses such as TIA is affiliated with Texas Review, one of the most trusted overseas education consultancies by parents and students, for its various services, such as test prep, admissions, scholarships, visas and other services to study abroad.

The process of UG admission abroad can be new for students and parents. With more students pursuing their undergraduate studies overseas, the competition has drastically increased, making aspirants tense and nervous about their process and chances of admission to ambitious colleges.

Here at TIA, we make the entire admission process stress-free and assuring for both students and parents. We are affiliated with over 300 universities from around the globe, making it easier for students to clarify their doubts with direct representatives and increasing their chances of admission.

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    TIA's Roadmap to Successful UG Admissions Abroad

    Test Preparation

    International students must satisfy certain university requirements to apply for admission to any course. The requirements change with universities and for different courses in the same university. An English language proficiency test is required from all non-native English speakers. IELTS and TOEFL are the most common and internationally recognised English language proficiency exams. Most colleges ask for an SAT score to apply for any STEM course. A good SAT score improves the chances of admission to one’s desired course at prestigious universities.


    College shortlisting is done based on multiple factors, such as:

    • Course of interest and career opportunities
    • GPA and qualifying exam scores
    • Total tuition fee
    • Living expenses
    • University ranking
    • Intake season
    • Acceptance rate for International students
    • Location of the university(Part-time jobs)
    • Financial aid and Scholarships
    • Course duration and difficulty
    • Climatic conditions
    • Relatives and friends

    All possible factors are considered during the shortlisting process. Significant importance is given to the preferences of students. A list of 15-20 colleges is shortlisted based on their preferences, from which students can select around 10 colleges before deciding which universities to apply.

    Application Process

    There are numerous documents and essentials to start one’s application process. It is important to apply as early as possible and way before the deadline.

    Different universities have different requirements for admission, so it is important to maintain high academic and qualifying exam scores. We initialise profile building in 11th standard, giving students and TIA ample amount of time to create an exceptional profile. By building outstanding profiles early on, there will be improved chances of admission. With all necessary documents uploaded and a filled application, students can proceed to apply for admission. Once the application is submitted, students have to wait for the acceptance letter from that university.

    Some essential document includes:

    • Academic or Intermediate transcripts
    • English language proficiency exam score
    • SAT score
    • 2-3 Letters of recommendation
    • Statement of Purpose
    • An essay or Personal statement
    • Updated Resume or CV

    I-20 Process

    • Most Indian students use an f-1 visa to study in the USA. Once a SEVP-certified US university accepts the student, they are registered for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).
    • They will receive the acceptance letter and I-20 request information. Students need to request for I-20 and fill out the form with all supporting documents and the SEVIS ID number.
    • After paying the SEVIS fee of $350 for Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) processing and maintenance, the DS-160 visa application should be filled out. The DS-160 is your visa application and a fee of $160 needs to be paid.
    • Schedule a date for a visa interview at your convenient location. Wait time may vary for different locations, so booking a slot as early as possible is advised. A valid passport, bank statements, all required documents and acknowledgements should be saved for the visa interview.

    Loan Assistance

    One can be granted a student loan to pay full or part of their overseas education expenses. Students take secure and insecure educational loans. Though loans are generally considered debt, educational loans are investments to the borrower since one will earn more money than they borrowed.

    All financial documents and bank statements should be prepared and approved by the respective bank before the scheduled visa interview.

    VISA Interview

    A visa interview is crucial to start your aim to pursue higher education overseas. Practising multiple mock interviews, being confident, being aware of all financial statements, and knowing all details regarding one’s course and college are a few major factors in a visa interview.

    We ensure our students practice multiple mock interviews with experienced mentors and are completely prepared for the interview. After the interview, it usually takes 5 days to process the visa.

    Post Landing Support

    Migrating to a new country would be stressful and require a great deal of preparation for students and parents. TIA has the reputation of being the best study abroad consultant in Hyderabad, and we believe it’s our responsibility to provide post-landing support to ease the process and help you have a stress-free experience in the initial days of your overseas education.

    • Picking students up at the airport
    • Temporary accommodation
    • Assist with final documentation at the university
    • Assistance in opening a bank account
    • Guidance for part-time jobs
    • Assistance in case of emergency
    Post Landing Support
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    Can I take a study abroad consultation from TIA after finishing my intermediate?

    Yes, you can. Along with intermediate with integrated SAT programs, TIA also helps students who just finished their intermediate and need assistance with test preparation, visa processing, etc, for their UG abroad admissions.

    Can I join TIA for the second year of intermediate to start my study abroad preparation?

    One year of preparation is also good enough time to get yourself ready by preparing for standardized tests like SAT and building a study abroad profile. So, yes. You can join TIA for the second year of intermediate and start your preparation for UG abroad. 

    Does TIA help with only academic aspects, or can it also help with immigration services as well?

    Students of TIA need not worry about immigration-related issues as there is a dedicated team for visa processing that will take the burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on test preparation.

    Does TIA provide a study abroad consultancy service for PG admissions?

    Texas International Academy is exclusively dedicated to helping students enroll in their favorite UG courses in top universities abroad. Still, you can try requesting a consultation for PG admissions by providing us with more information at

    Why choose TIA for study abroad consultancy over others? 

    From test preparation to profile building and visa processing to post-landing support, TIA is the best study abroad consultant in Hyderabad that provides you with every single service that is needed to get a successful UG admission abroad. So, once you take a consultation from us, you can stay rest assured about realizing your study abroad dreams.

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