Profile Building

Profile building is an intentional and strategic process of developing a range of skills, experiences, achievements and projects that showcase one’s strengths, interests, and values. It enhances your chances of achieving your educational and professional goals.

It involves undertaking internships, good academics, certified courses, projects, extra-circulars and volunteer work that can be presented in a student portfolio or resume, giving the university admission committee a clear picture of your interests and potential.

Profile Building Process

Profile Building is a long-term process that requires planning, consistency, and dedication, and it is best to start as early as possible. The start of building a good profile is maintaining excellent academics since 9th standard. Researching your fields of interest and being insightful about required skills will make the process less complicated when initiated after the 10th standard. However, with the correct guidance, you can still build a strong profile even in your 12th standard.

Plan of Action

Certificate Programs and Courses

Enrolling in certification courses helps develop specific skills in your field of interest and enhances academic performance. Some in-demand certification courses are Data Science, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.


Though acceptance depends on multiple factors, academic performance is still a significant factor. Our faculty will assist students in maintaining a virtuous academic record to showcase their diligence.

Workshops and Internships

Facilitators organize technical workshops with IEEE, IETE, IITs and NITs. TIA’s students attend seminars on advancing technologies and academic disciplines and can also pursue internships during this exploration.


Designing and renovating projects in your field of interest with guidance is considered a valuable experience. TIA will serve students with opportunities to acquire practical experience.

Research Work and Papers

Opportunities in research work are a gateway to various career paths. Students receive guidance from our faculties to write research papers on surging technologies for research journals.

Volunteer and Community Work

Demonstrating involvement in community work reflects positively on a candidate’s character. Universities seek candidates who are compassionate and empathetic.

Note : Students enrolled in our SAT coaching and Intermediate college can avail of profile-building services.

Importance of Profile Building

Profile Building is crucial to the UG admission process. With the rise in the number of students aspiring to study at world-renewed international educational institutes, only academics and GPA will not make a candidate’s profile stand out to the college admission board among other applicants.

We believe in boundary-less learning. At TIA, we don’t limit our students to learning from only their syllabus. Students will be encouraged to learn beyond the curriculum in their field of interest with the help of activities and support from research scholars. This will enable the students to build a great profile by the end of their intermediate education.

Profile Building aims to create a positive impression on the university admission committee. A strong and ambitious profile will help your application stand out and increase your chances of securing admission to your dream university. The attributes added to your profile during your intermediate education can be used to build exceptional LORs, SOPs, and Resumes.

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    Letter of Recommendation(LOR)

    Students applying for admission, irrespective of the course and the country, should submit 2-3 letters of recommendation.

    • LOR should project the student’s personality, academic and personal developments. All LOR should be unique from SOPs and each other.
    • LORs determine the integrity of your profile, so it is vital to choose professors who know your progress and developments.
    • LORs with a well-structured proposal for admission into corresponding universities will boost your chances of admission.

    Our faculty members observe students throughout their journey in our colleges. Lecturers engage in all activities and events organized for students, giving them a clear understanding of students’ advancements. This will benefit students and make it facile for faculty members to write unique LORs.

    Statement of Purpose(SOP)

    SOPs are essays that describe your interest in the course and college, academic achievements, extracurriculars and aspirations.

    • A Statement of Purpose is a critical document considered to evaluate and determine the admission of a candidate.
    • An engaging and unique SOP is essential to stand out among numerous applications.
    • Ensure that your SOP is written without grammatical errors and in a professional manner with a strong vocabulary.

    All events and activities you participated in convey your enthusiasm as a student. The gap analysis will help students understand their progress in different aspects. Mentors will guide them in writing unique and powerful SOP to help them stand out and secure admission to the university of their choice.



    An efficient and appealing CV will exhibit your prospect and resilience for a promising future. The Committee checks multiple resumes per day, so it is vital to communicate that you are a worthy candidate and has unlimited potential. Building a professional resume early on is essential to secure internships and other opportunities in college. Resume Building software and a counsellor will lead students through manifesting a strong resume.

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