Admissions Open for 2024 - 2026 Batch

Texas International Academy(TIA) is a unique intermediate college that offers MPC and MEC courses, with an innovative concept of integrating intermediate education, SAT preparation and English Language Proficiency exam training for abroad B.Tech education.

Under the guidance of our highly skilled and foresighted faculty, intermediate classes and qualifying exams preparation will be well-balanced. Our curriculum is designed to refine problem-solving skills and spark their curiosity about surging academic disciplines. These exposures will help students to get admission to STEM courses at international educational institutions.

Profile building is an integral part of our program to increase the chances of admission and scholarships from universities. We initialize this program in 11th standard, giving students and TIA ample amount of time to create exceptionally good profiles.

Be proactive and reserve your seat for the upcoming academic year to get priority access to the study material so that your foundation gets stronger to study abroad.

Note:- Please fill out the form if and only if you are looking for an Intermediate college and interested in studying abroad after class 12th.

Admissions 2024-2026

    How & When To Apply

    • The general application and admission process at TIA is simple. Please fill out the contact form on our page; our counsellors will contact you soon.
    • You can also contact our counsellors or institute representatives through call or email and initialize your regular application process.
    • An annual general entrance exam is conducted by TIA for new academic talents. This exam tests candidates with Subject assessment(Maths, Physics & Chemistry of Class Xth), Analytical evaluation(Quantitative & Verbal Aptitude) and a Student interview.
    • Candidates who scored well on this test will receive admission and a scholarship or fee concession.
    • Reserve your seat for the upcoming term. Applications open for the 2024- 2026 Academic Year.

    Our Salient Features

    • Only 40 students per class
    • International study tour
    • Subject faculties available for study hours
    • Exciting research and internship opportunities
    • Practical learning
    • Smart and AC classrooms
    • Profile Building
    • Premium girls’ and boys' hostels
    • Hygienic and protein-rich food & snacks
    • 24*7 security and warden’s availability
    • Swimming pool and gym
    • World-class Library

    Presenting our Proud Achievers...

    International Study Tour

    Every year, Texas International Academy conducts a Study Tour to give students a glimpse of how it feels to study at the top universities abroad. Our highly Insightful International Study Tour benefits students in the following ways: 

    • Exposure to foreign universities
    • Experience that fuels the determination.
    • The network that extends beyond boundaries.
    • Confidence to give presentations in front of many experts.
    • Fun and memorable moments that last in their journals forever.

    Our Unique Technique

    • Our students develop and assemble numerous vital essential skills with exposure to technological advancements and the world of work to make their profile academically outstanding.
    • From the initial days of their 11th standard, dedicated time is allocated for SAT preparation and doubt–clearing sessions giving our candidates much more time to analyze their performance and practice exhaustively for a good SAT score.
    • All the time at hand will be distributed duly among intermediate classes, SAT and English language proficiency classes. 60% of the time will focus on their intermediate classes and exams. And the rest, 40% of the time, will be used for profile building, qualifying exams coaching and college readiness.
    • At the end of the 11th standard, students will be grouped based on their preferences and field of interest for their undergraduate degree. They will be sent on a 2-3 weeks international study tour with their groups and a team of mentors.
    • As part of profile building, our students attend workshops, intern in IT firms, visit research facilities, publish journals in research journals, train in certified courses from established organizations and work on projects with expert assistance.
    • Students will take the qualifying exams during their 12th standard, and be ready with their SAT and English language proficiency scores and an outstanding profile for college admissions.
    • Post-landing support is provided to our students, including temporary stay, airport pick-up, and emergency assistance.
    university delegates from overseas interacting with students

    Here is the list of a few technologies we teach:

    • Robotics and their role in Health care and Manufacturing.
    • Cloud Computing and types of Cloud Services.
    • Artificial Intelligence(AI) and its models like decision trees.
    • Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR).
    • Cyber Security and types of Security Tools.
    • Blockchain technology and different types of Architecture.
    • Quantum computing and its applications.
    • 3D Printing technology and its main types.
    • Machine Learning(ML) and its techniques such as SVM.
    • Internet of Things(IoT) and its role in Smart Cities & stores.

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    Benefits of Choosing TIA!

    great profile

    Profile Building

    Enhances your chances for great educational prospects.

    research & internship

    Practical Learning

    Exciting research, certified courses & Internships.

    1-on-1 Counselling

    Personalised attention throughout the course

    Top Score

    Top SAT Scores

    Strategic Approach for SAT score improvement

    Lock Your Spot!

    2024 applications are open now!

    We don’t just educate students. We give them the exposure that helps in great career prospects – to discover the field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

    Our Branches


    Apuroopa Colony, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500055

    Ph: 8340 808 808

    Madhapur Branch

    Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

    Ph: 8340 010 010


    Nandanam Building, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500060

    Ph: 8340 030 030


    What is the annual tuition fee at Texas International Academy?

    The tuition fee is negotiable based on the candidate’s academic performance and TIA’s general entrance exam score. For more details, contact us at +91 7799 033 333.

    Is hostel facilities available?

    Premium AC hostel accommodation is available for girls and boys. Wardens and security are available around the clock.

    Is the SAT coaching fee separate from the tuition fee?

    Texas International Academy does not charge extra fees other than college tuition for SAT and IELTS coaching.

    What is TIA’s success rate for B.Tech admission and scholarships?

    Texas International Academy has 100%* success at securing admissions at prestigious universities. Our students always have a high chance of receiving scholarships because of their excellent profiles.

    Can I join TIA in 2nd year of intermediate education?

    Yes, at Texas International Academy, we accept new admissions into 2nd year but with few requirements. Your 1st-year academic record and other factors determine your admission status.

    What is profile building?

    Profile building is creating a collection of your skills, achievements, experiences, and projects that can showcase your abilities. It enhances your chances of achieving your educational goals.

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