International Study Tour

Texas International Academy (TIA) offers a 2-week international educational tour for students who have completed their first year of intermediate education at our academy.

After the global pandemic, there has been a notable rise in the number of students pursuing higher education in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. A 2022 report by INTO University Partnerships revealed that eight of ten Indian students plan to study abroad and settle overseas.

With the rise in the number of students pursuing higher education overseas, the quality of their experiences can vary depending on the country, course, and university they choose. While university portals offer relevant information, there is no substitute for firsthand experience through personal visits.

Study tours encourage students to explore different cultures, ethnicities and contemporary career paths. It benefits students’ ways of thinking. Our experienced faculty members are dedicated to ensuring students have a rewarding and memorable experience.

Major Objectives Of The Study Tour

  • To provide students with an enriched educational experience
  • Grant them a chance to visit prestigious universities
  • Interact with knowledgeable faculty members
  • Learn about student life firsthand
  • Opportunities for real-time practical implementations
  • Experiential learning for different career aspirations

USA Study Tour 2024

    Students will have access to proper amenities throughout the study tour for a safe and comfortable experience. Some of the essential amenities provided are as listed:

    • Safe and comfortable stay
    • Reliable on-program transportation
    • Expert local guides
    • Nutritious and hygienic meals
    • Immediate medical attention
    • 24/7 security and safety
    • Planned itinerary
    • Cultural and recreational activities
    • Complete insurance


    The USA is the most picked study destination for international students. A study tour would present a chance to learn about its Education System. Exploring campuses and interactions with locals would aid in personal and professional growth.

    England Study Tour


    The United Kingdom is known for its world-leading research quality and high-quality education. The multicultural environment contributes to meeting new peers from diverse backgrounds and helps develop an opportune set of skills. 

    Canada Study Tour


    Canada is globally known for its advanced education system, health facilities, safety and work opportunities. International students are granted the same rights as the residents, ensuring they have equal access to opportunities and benefits.

    Australia Study Tour


    Australian study tours will expand students’ education experience, providing exposure to local teaching methods, research practices, and industry trends. Campus activities and interactions will enhance language and cultural competency skills.

    International Study Tour- 2023

    The International study tour 2023 offered students of Texas International Academy insightful learning experiences during their visit to California State University, Long Beach. From campus tour to attending lectures by experienced professors about currently trending topics like Artificial Intelligence, students didn’t find even a single moment boring. A Visit to the College of Engineering followed by explorations at the Aeronautical Lab should have definitely satisfied the curiosity of these young minds and ignited the desire to contribute to such innovations in the future. Overall, this International study tour is a perfect blend of technological exploration and a memorable travel experience for students aspiring to study abroad.


    What is a study tour, and in what ways is it important?

    A study tour is an educational trip organised by the institute to provide students with the opportunity for real-time practical implementation and experiential learning for different career aspirations. It is essential for students to broaden their academic horizons and have a unique learning experience.

    What are the benefits of attending a study tour?

    • Expanded academic opportunities
    • Explore different cultures, ethnicities and career paths
    • Build network with peers and professionals
    • Personal growth and development

    Which institutes provide international study tours?

    Texas International Academy organises an international study tour for all students at the end of their intermediate education. This is a 2-week international educational tour where students can visit their dream universities and learn about student life subsequently. It is designed to provide an enriched educational experience with experienced and knowledgeable faculty members.

    Where will my ward be staying during the study tour?

    Texas International Academy will collaborate with the universities to provide accommodation within the campus premises for a comfortable and secure student stay.

    Will TIA take care of my ward’s well-being during the study tour?

    Texas International Academy will ensure students’ safety and well-being throughout the study tour. 24/7 security is provided to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

    Who will be guiding my ward during the international study tour?

    A team of faculty members and local experts will guide the students through different locations and universities. Also, Faculty members from respective universities will interact with the students for better understanding.

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