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The International Study Tour by Texas International Academy is going at full pace and students are learning new things each passing day. Right from the beginning of the study tour, students are busy attending seminars, campus tours, visits to the labs, presentations, etc. Amid the tight schedule, students managed to make some time to refresh their minds by immersing themselves in some fun activities. A lot of beautiful moments were captured and we wish to share those with you through this article.

Campus Visit- University of Southern California

Study Tour provides the opportunity to meet some of the top minds in the technological space and of course, we can’t find them on the streets. That’s why students were taken to the University of Southern California for a campus visit where they got a chance to meet some faculty members and had some insightful conversations with like-minded students who are studying at that university from various parts of the world. This will surely fuel the urge in the minds of the students to study at a world-class university like this because they practically have seen and experienced how education gets imparted at universities like this.

Campus Visit- University of Southern California

Presentations by the students of TIA

Students of Texas International Academy got an opportunity to give some insightful presentations about some important topics like food wastage, problems faced by working women, food IOT, etc. These were appreciated by both the professors and fellow students as they were not only mere presentations but also practical solutions to the pressing problems of the world. Students also participated in the quiz events that were conducted inside the campus. All the students participated with utmost enthusiasm and all the participants appreciated the winner and that spirit definitely deserves appreciation.


Students of TIA were presented with Certificates before the conclusion of their vist to the campus of California State University, Long Beach. The entire Certificate Presentation process was full of joyful interaction between the students and the official representatives of the university. Students felt so glad to be a part of this wonderful event and said that this fuels their motivation to achieve big things in their life. Both the professors and the students at the university applauded the enthusiasm and knowledge of the students of Texas International Academy. Post this certificate presentation students took part in some fun activities around the university campus and nearby tourist attractions.

Exciting Visit to the Aeronautical Lab:

As the International study tour nears its end, Texas International Academy students had a thrilling visit to the Aeronautical Lab. Here, they delved into the intricate technical aspects that underpin aeronautics, aligning perfectly with the tour’s educational objectives. This experience promises not just a momentary thrill but also serves as a lasting motivation for students to aspire to study at top global universities, opening doors to endless learning possibilities.

Students of TIA at Aeronautical Lab

Joyful undertakings

The schedule of the international study tour was created in such a way that students get the best out of their time without feeling exhausted or bored. After attending various lectures students took some time for the fun activities that will make their entire tour memorable. As part of these activities, students visited Disney California Adventure Park where students were amazed at its unique theme and the special events inside the park. Later, all of them chilled at the beach and made that evening memorable. The boat ride was the best part of the entire day and the students were just immersed in the joy that the refreshing breeze is bringing while traveling.

Overall, this study tour in the United States of America has been fantastic so far and students actively participated in all the activities irrespective of whether they are related to education or just some fun activities. A visit to the Disney California Adventure Park, a campus visit to the  University of Southern California, and presentations by the students of TIA are some of the recent highlights of the international study tour 2023 from the United States of America.

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