1. Are there intermediate colleges in Hyderabad specifically for training students for UG admissions abroad?

You need not move to any other city to realise your dream of overseas education. We are the leading junior college in Hyderabad that is exclusively dedicated to providing training in standardised tests like SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, and Profile Building to students to get admission into the top universities abroad along with intermediate education.

2. Where is Texas International Academy located other than Hyderabad?

We decided to exclusively dedicate our time to the branches located in Hyderabad and ensure that each and every student get the best quality training for cracking the exams like SAT and TOEFL along with their regular intermediate exams. So, for the time being, we don’t have branches in cities other than Hyderabad. But, in the coming years, we will be expanding to other locations as well.

3. How many branches does TIA have in Hyderabad?

Currently, Texas International Academy has three branches in Hyderabad. The day scholar campuses are located in Madhapur and Dilsukhnagar and the residential campus is located in Jeedimetla.

4. Is there a hostel facility available at Texas International Academy?

Yes, our residential campus at Jeedimetla is the ideal location for students to concentrate on their studies without any distractions. We make sure that every student studies at his/her own pace without stressing them, yet provide them with the required support to excel in their studies.

5. Is JEE coaching available at Texas International Academy?

No, we are an intermediate college exclusively dedicated to training students to clear the entry criteria to study at the best universities abroad. So, we won’t provide coaching for JEE as it requires a different kind of approach.

6. Is intermediate the right time to start preparing for UG admissions abroad?

Undoubtedly Yes! Just like students start their JEE preparation to get into IITs, you need to start your preparation for UG abroad admission at the top intermediate college that has a structured framework for navigating students towards the great universities in the world. By doing so, you will have an ample amount of time to learn from your mistakes before it’s too late.

7. What is the fee structure at Texas International Academy?

We may not disclose an absolute figure as fee structure because it depends on the student’s performance in our entrance test. However, parents can expect the fee to be around 3 to 3.5 Lakh per academic year.

8. Is there a fee concession based on the merit of the student?

Yes! Once a student submits his/her application form, we conduct an entrance exam to test their academic knowledge. Based on the performance on the test, merit students will be encouraged with fee concessions.

9. Can students join TIA after their first year of intermediate?

Yes, one year is still good enough time to prepare for the standardized tests to study abroad along the IPE syllabus. But, a little extra effort is needed from the student to not go off the track due to competitors who already started their preparation a year ago.

10. Which educational board is TIA associated with?

Texas International Academy is affiliated to Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education. Students of TIA will be writing the same board examinations as other students whose colleges are affiliated with TISBIE. The only difference here is that there will be integrated training to help students to study at the top foreign universities.

11. What courses are provided at Texas International Academy?

There are two courses at Texas International Academy. MPC with integrated SAT and MEC with integrated SAT. The curricula of both courses are aligned toward preparing students to study abroad. Students enrolled in either of the courses will be trained for standardized tests, profile building, etc.

12. Can students opt to study in India after completing their intermediate from TIA?

Yes, the intermediate certificate that the students of TIA get after successful completion of their board exams conducted by the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education is valid throughout India and it’s always a student’s choice to study abroad or continue in India.

13. What are all the language tests that TIA train their students for?

TIA primarily focuses on preparing students for English Language proficiency exams like IELTS and TOEFL. Apart from these exams, students will also be trained for French and German Language tests as well based on the country in which they wish to pursue their UG.

14. Does TIA provide study material for exams to study abroad?

Yes, Students will be provided with all the necessary resources along with study material to perform well in the standardized tests to study abroad.

15. Can students have one-on-one interactive sessions if needed?

We are committed to providing the best value to the students so that they give their best and excel in their studies. Students are always allowed to request a counseling session whenever they feel stuck and we will be happy to guide them.

16. What is profile building and how does TIA help with it?

A strong profile is a result of good academic scores, online courses, and certifications, Internships, volunteering activities, etc. Profile building is a very extensive process and our experts will guide students on how to build it so that they stand unique in front of hundreds of other applicants.

17. What is the purpose of the International study tour by TIA?

It gives students a glimpse of how it feels to study at universities abroad which fuels the motivation to study even harder. It’s quite common for international students to face a cultural shock when they move abroad for the first time. But an International study tour can help them understand how it feels to stay in a new country.

18. Is Visa Processing Support available at Texas International Academy?

Yes! Texas International Academy is a sister organization of Texas Review, which is a popular immigration and test preparation consultancy in Hyderabad and it’s been operating at full pace for the last ten years. So, students of TIA never have to worry about immigration-related issues.

19. Is there post-landing support offered to the students of Texas International Academy?

Yes, Once a student joins TIA, it’s our responsibility till they successfully start their UG program. Once they land in their destination country, our team members will stay in touch with them to assist whenever it’s needed.

20. What are the popular countries that TIA targets to send their students to?

It depends on the interests of the students. However, if we look at the trend, many students are interested in pursuing their higher education in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. But there are some amazing options in the European Union as well.

21. Are there any special classes available for students struggling to compete with their classmates?

Yes. We understand that students can excel in their studies only when they are allowed to learn at their own pace and then speed up their preparation once they gain the required momentum. So, we encourage students to comfortably request special classes if they feel they need some extra support without feeling underconfident.

22. Can a student who completed his/her 11th standard from CBSE school join TIA for the second year of intermediate?

Yes. But the student has to take responsibility for transitioning from CBSE to TSBIE and may have to submit some documents like a transfer certificate, etc. For more details, contact our career counselors.

23. What makes Texas International Academy special compared to other colleges?

We are one of the very few colleges in India that are exclusively dedicated to preparing students to study abroad. We give prime importance to the comfort of the students that’s why all our campuses, both day scholar and residential, are available with a centralized AC. When it comes to education, we always encourage a stress-free approach allowing students to learn at their own pace and ultimately excel in their studies with a practical approach.

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