SAT Training & Profile Building

Texas International Academy(TIA) offers SAT coaching in Hyderabad with an innovative methodology. Highly skilled instructors collaborating with our customised curriculum will facilitate aspirants with guaranteed and significant improvement in their SAT exam scores. Our instructors possess extensive experience and utilise a unique way of teaching to make it discretely simple for students to understand.

Students who aim to pursue higher education in overseas universities after their 12th standard enrol with us for excellent profiles, outstanding SAT scores and assistance throughout this journey. Aspirants can start as early as in their 11th standard to increase their chances of admission into Internationally recognised colleges.

Students enrolled at TIA for SAT coaching are also offered profile building and UG admission assistance. Students can customise their SAT coaching plan as per their needs. We also provide additional IELTS/TOEFL coaching for those who require assistance in the English Proficiency Exam.

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    Key Features To Join TIA

    • Strategic approach for SAT score improvement
    • Thoroughly prepared study material
    • Extensive training
    • Multiple mock tests and practice tests
    • Gap analysis once every two weeks
    • Assistance in writing exceptionally good essays
    • Daily doubt-clearing sessions
    • Profile building
    • Personalised attention throughout the course
    • Full-length video lectures

    What is SAT?

    SAT is designed to test the candidates’ problem-solving abilities and skills acquired from high school, and how well they can make use of them for college. SAT is taken by students who want to get admission to undergraduate courses in internationally recognised educational institutions. 

    At TIA, thoroughly revised mock tests and study materials are catered to students and are specially designed by our experts for different difficulty levels from previous SAT exams. 

    Digital SAT is adopted from SAT by making changes to meet the needs of students and educators. The College Board uses multistage adaptive testing (MST) for Digital SAT. It is a 2 hour 14 minutes long exam to evaluate the candidates’ problem-solving abilities and skills for college. The number of sections in Digital SAT has been updated to two: Reading & Writing, and Mathematics sections.

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    SAT & Digital SAT
    profile building

    Profile Building

    Profile Building aims to create a positive impression on the university admission committee and differentiate yourself from others in your field of interest. Our profile-building service includes:

    • Internships with major leading IT firms
    • Publishing journals in leading research magazines
    • Certified courses from established organisations
    • Projects with field experts
    • Extra-circulars

    What Makes Us Different

    Boundless Learning

    Boundless Learning

    Students are encouraged to learn more than just the exam syllabus. Huge exposure to new and advanced technologies sparks interest in them to explore various technologies.

    Study Material

    Study Material

    Study materials are designed by experienced instructors and are thoroughly revised according to the SAT exam syllabus by professionals for polished SAT preparation.

    Gap Analysis

    Gap Analysis

    Gap analysis and Progress analysis is done every fortnight to inspect the improvements and customise their curriculum to overcome their weakness and polish their strengths.

    One-on-one Sessions

    One-On-One Sessions

    All students will be allotted mentors who guide them by analysing their progress and helping them unveil their potential. Mentors will provide support throughout the process.


    What services are offered at TIA with SAT coaching?

    Aspirants enrolled with us will be offered extensive training, thoroughly prepared materials, profile building, personalised attention, multiple mock tests, gap analysis and progress analysis. Students who need aid with English proficiency exams can enroll for IELTS/TOEFL coaching at Texas International Academy.

    Does TIA provide any study materials?

    Yes, Texas International Academy provides revised study materials and notes that cover the complete SAT syllabus. Highly experienced instructors design study materials that are thoroughly revised.

    Is it necessary to take SAT coaching?

    It is not mandatory to take SAT coaching. One needs extreme diligence, hard work, time management and patience. Our SAT coaching will ensure a smooth learning experience without the stress of managing intermediate and SAT preparation.

    Who can take the SAT exam?

    Candidates who wish to study in an internationally recognised college for undergraduate courses can take the SAT. Students in their 11th and 12th standard mostly take this test.

    What is the duration of SAT coaching?

    The duration of SAT coaching at Texas International Academy is 3 months in the classroom.

    When should I take the SAT exam?

     Students in their 11th and 12th standard mostly take this test. There is no age limit for taking the SAT exam. 

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