12 Major Differences Between Mirrors and Lenses

Mirrors and lenses are very important in our daily lives as well as for tenth-class students. Mirrors are used in...
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Pronouns and Types of Pronouns with Examples

In the vast landscape of parts of speech, pronouns stand as versatile linguistic tools, streamlining communication and lending clarity to...
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Download Idioms and Phrases PDF with Examples for Class 10

The English component of many competitive tests, including the SSC, RRB, Bank, and other government exams, heavily relies on idioms...
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Expand Your Vocabulary List with Synonyms & Antonyms PDF

In the tenth standard exam and afterward, you will get a lot of questions based on the vocabulary. Synonyms and...
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Direct and Indirect Speech Rules Chart: A Guide for Class 10

There are times when you need to recall a recent incident or action. Then you need to tell in that...
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Active and Passive Voice with Rules and Examples for Class 10

Active and passive voice, along with a comprehensive understanding of English grammar, including the English tenses chart and various parts...
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Mastering the Class 10th Mensuration Formulas!

Mensuration, a vital branch of mathematics deals with the study of the measurement of geometric figures. For Class 10 students,...
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English Tenses Chart PDF with Rules and Examples

“I eated late today because I sleep late yesterday.”  Without tenses, our conversations will be as disgusting as the above...
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8 Parts of Speech Chart with Examples | Class 10

English grammar can be difficult for beginners. Understanding the parts of speech and tenses in English is important for communication,...
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Download Excel Formulas List PDF | Every Student Must Have.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools for students and working professionals alike. Ever since its inception, this...
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