How to Write an Application for a School Transfer Certificate?

School Transfer Certificate

What is a school transfer certificate? A transfer certificate is a document that certifies to the school authority that the student has completed the course of study at the specified institution and is eligible to transfer to the institution of higher education, which is very different from a bonafide certificate.

The School transfer certificate application must be written professionally and formally. The application must be addressed to the principal/ headmaster/mistress of the school. The application should include the pupil’s name, class, and admission number. The application should clearly state the purpose of the request for the transfer certificate when the transfer certificate is required, and the aspirant’s contact details.

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What is a School Transfer Certificate Application?

A school Transfer certificate application or a migration certificate is a formal request made by a pupil or the parent/guardian to the academy authority for a transfer certificate. A transfer certificate is an important document that certifies that a student has studied in a particular school for a specified period and is eligible to be admitted to another school.

School Transfer Certificate Application contains vital information similar to the pupil’s name, date of birth, admission number, and academic record. A transfer certificate is generally needed when a pupil moves to a new academy or wants to continue their studies in another city or country. In similar cases, the transfer certificate serves as evidence of the pupil’s former academic records, which are essential for admission to a new institution.

How Do You Write a School Transfer Certificate Application?

It’s pivotal to write in a formal, effective manner when applying for a school transfer certificate. The name, class, and admission number of the pupil must be on the application. The principal, headteacher, or mistress of the academy must admit the letter. The letter has to give the reason for requesting the transfer certificate as well as the date the certificate is demanded.

The applicant’s contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, should be included in the school transfer certificate application to guarantee that the institution can get in touch with them if further details are needed. The letter must be written with kindness and respect, and it must be clear and brief.

Information to be Included

A school transfer certificate application should include specific details to ensure that the request is processed smoothly. Some essential points to include in the application are:

  • The student’s name, class, and admission number
  • The explanation for the transfer certificate request
  • The deadline for obtaining the certificate
  • The applicant’s contact information, which includes their phone number and email address, is included in the School Transfer Certificate Application.
  • Any unpaid bills or charges that must be settled before the transfer certificate is issued
  • The intended school of admission for the student, if known
  • A request for a positive reference or, if relevant, a note of the student’s academic standing.

School Transfer Certificate Application Format

Writing an application for a school transfer certificate is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Start with a Formal Salutation: Address the letter to the principal or headmaster of your current school.
    • For Instance: Dear Principal [Principal’s name],
  • State Your Purpose: Clearly state that you are requesting a transfer certificate for the purpose of transferring to another school.
    • For Instance: I am writing to request a school transfer certificate for the purpose of transferring to [Name of new school].
  • Provide Your Student Information: Write your full name, student ID number, current class and section, and date of admission to the school.
    • For Instance: My full name is [Your full name]. My student ID number is [Your student ID number]. I am currently in [Your current class] section [Your current section]. I was admitted to the school on [Date of admission].
  • Specify the Reason for Transfer: Explain the reason for your transfer in a brief, such as relocation or a change in family circumstances.
    • For Instance: I am requesting a transfer certificate due to [Reason for transfer].
  • Mention the Name of the New School: The name and address of the school you intend to transfer to must be included.
    • For Instance: I am transferring to [Name of new school] located at [Address of new school].
  • Request the Transfer Certificate: Politely request that the school issue you a transfer certificate at your earliest convenience.
    • For Instance: I request that the school issue me a transfer certificate at your earliest convenience.
  • Provide Contact Information: Include your contact details, such as your address, phone number, and email address, so that the school can reach you with any updates or questions.
    • For Instance: You can reach me at [Your address], [Your phone number], or [Your email address].
  • Sign and Date the Letter: Conclude the letter with your signature and the date.
    • For Instance: Sincerely, [Your signature] [Date]

Additional Considerations

  • Enclose Supporting Documentation: If necessary, include any supporting documentation with your application. Examples include a copy of the notification of the family move or an admissions letter from your new school.
  • Verify the Deadlines at School: Make sure you send in your application far before the deadline that your present institution has set. This will allow enough time for the school to handle your request and provide the transfer certificate.
  • Request Copies of Your Academic Transcripts: You may also ask for copies of your academic records, including academic transcripts and report cards, in addition to the transfer certificate.

School Transfer Certificate Application Sample

Rajesh Kumar,

Flat no. 007, Avenue State Building, Melody Nagar,

Hyderabad- 500066

Mobile Number: +918056963141

Email Address:

Date: 16th November 2023

The Principal

ABC Model School


Subject: Application for School Transfer Certificate

Dear Principal,

I am writing to request a school transfer certificate for my child, Omkar Kumar, who is currently in 7th class, A section at ABC Model School.

Omkar has been enrolled in ABC Model School since 21st June 2021. During their time at ABC Model School, Omkar has been a diligent and well-behaved student. He actively participated in extracurricular activities and has maintained an excellent academic record.

Omkar is transferring to KLO Grammar School located at Vasanth Puri due to shifting to our new house.

Please issue Omkar Kumar a school transfer certificate at your earliest convenience. Omkar’s last date of attendance at ABC Model School will be 25th November 2023.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rajesh Kumar


Copy of child’s birth certificate

Copy of child’s most recent report card

Copy of relocation notice


Moving to a new school requires a school transfer certificate. You can get your transfer certificate from your current school and ensure a smooth transition to your new school by following these guidelines.

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