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Bonafide Certificate is one of the crucial documents that class 10 students need to continue their education. Just like a migration certificate is essential while transitioning from one education board to another, a bonafide certificate helps your new education institution understand your authenticity by confirming that you truly come from a recognized institution. Bonafide certificates can be issued by organizations to certify that a particular person was part of that organization, which can either be a company or an educational institution.

Meaning of Bonafide Certificate

Bona fide is a Latin phrase that means “in good faith”. So, the Bonafide Certificate helps a student of class 10 prove his/her authenticity while moving to another institution to continue their studies, while a transfer certificate is a record attesting to the student’s completion of their program at a particular institution and their eligibility to transfer to a higher education institution, as required by the school administration.

The educational institutions or the job provider use this Bonafide Certificate issued by your previous employer or school to verify that you truly are legit and coming from a recognized organization.

Types of Bonafide Certificate

No matter to whom a Bonafide Certificate is issued and for what time span it is issued, the purpose of it is to verify the authenticity of the certificate holder. The format and application procedure will change based on the issuer.    

Let’s now look at different types of Bonafide Certificates.

Bonafide Certificate for Students

Along with the matriculation certificate, the educational institute issues a bonafide certificate to students, which will act as a source of verification for the educational institutions in which the students enroll in the future. Bonafide certificates issued to class 10 students contain information like their full name, roll number, year of graduation, etc.

Bonafide Certificate for Working Professionals

Organizations issue bonafide certificates to their employees which will help them in the future jobs they take up. Companies that hire new employees use Bonafide Certificate to verify the legitimacy of the new joinee. Employees who try to fake their experience can be caught if they can’t show an attested Bonafide certificate from their previous employer.

Permanent Bonafide Certificate VS Temporary Bonafide Certificate

A temporary Bonafide certificate is issued for a period of six months to one year. After that, the recipient can either renew or ignore it based on their requirement. On the other hand, a Permanent Bonafide Certificate, as the name suggests, is valid for a lifetime. However, it depends on the institution that issues a Bonafide certificate whether to issue a permanent one or a temporary bonafide certificate.

Required Documents for Application of Bonafide Certificate

If you are applying for a Bonafide Certificate as a student of class 10, make sure to keep the following documents handy. 

  • A Photocopy of the identity card. 
  • A no-due certificate.
  • Copy of Admission receipt
  • Marksheet

Please note that the required documents might vary from one institution to the other.

Application Process for Bonafide Certificate in Class 10

The process for applying for a Bonafide Certificate in class 10 is usually straightforward. Here are the typical steps:

Contact Your School: Approach your school administration or the relevant authority responsible for issuing certificates. They will guide you through the application process.

Request Application Form: In most cases, you’ll need to fill out an application form, which can either be physical or digital. This form gathers the necessary information for the certificate, such as your name, roll number, and the purpose for which you need the certificate.

Document Verification: Ensure that you have all the required documents handy. These may include a photocopy of your identity card or any other documents specified by your school.

Application Submission: Submit the completed form along with the necessary documents to the school authorities to receive your bonafide certificate. 

Format of Bonafide Certificate for Class 10 Students

The format of a Bonafide Certificate may vary slightly from one educational institution to another. However, bonafide certificates for class 10 students typically look something similar to this.

Uses of Bonafide Certificate:

For Students

Admission to New Institutions: A Bonafide Certificate is crucial for students applying to new schools, colleges, or universities. It serves as proof of their previous educational background and verifies their legitimacy during the admission process.

Scholarship Applications: Many scholarship programs require Bonafide Certificates as part of the application process to ensure that applicants are genuine students with a valid educational history.

Examination Registration: Some board examinations or competitive exams may ask for a Bonafide Certificate to verify a student’s educational history and eligibility to participate in the exams.

PG Accommodation: When students apply for hostel accommodation within an educational institution, they often need to provide a Bonafide Certificate to confirm their enrollment as a student.

Student Visa Applications: For international students, a Bonafide Certificate may be essential when applying for a student visa in a foreign country. It demonstrates their academic background and enrollment in a recognized institution.

For Working Professionals

Job Verification: When professionals switch jobs or apply for new positions, they may be required to provide a Bonafide Certificate from their previous employer to confirm their work experience and legitimacy. It helps new employers ensure the accuracy of the candidate’s work history.

Visa Applications: When working professionals are applying for work visas or seeking employment abroad, a Bonafide Certificate can be crucial for visa applications. It demonstrates their genuine work experience and association with a recognized organization.

Membership in Professional Associations: Certain professional associations or organizations may ask for Bonafide Certificates to verify an individual’s employment status and professional affiliation before granting membership or benefits.


What is the validity of a Bonafide Certificate?

A temporary Bonafide Certificate typically has a validity for six months to one year, and the permanent one, as the name suggests, is valid for a lifetime.

Can I get a Bonafide Certificate from my previous school after graduating?

Yes, it’s possible to obtain a Bonafide Certificate from your previous school even after graduation, as long as the records are maintained.

Is a Bonafide Certificate mandatory for job applications?

It may not be mandatory for all job applications, but it can be crucial in verifying your educational background and work experience, particularly when changing jobs.

What if I lose my Bonafide Certificate?

If you lose your Bonafide Certificate, you can usually request a duplicate from your school or institution.

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