Student Experiences of International Study Tour 2023 in the United States.

USA Study Tour

In the ever-increasing competitive landscape, it’s vital for students to travel, explore and learn from practical experiences. This enhances the creativity and problem-solving skills that are most crucial to find effective solutions either in the workspace or in the personal life. For study-abroad aspirants, it’s important to understand the exceptional levels of learning experiences they get by studying at top universities in the world. That’s why every year, Texas International Academy conducts International Study Tour to give students an experience of how it feels to study at the best universities by interacting with like-minded students from all over the world.

This year, students from the 2022-2024 academic year are on a study tour to the United States of America where they will be visiting California State University, Long Beach. A total of 29 students got their visas approved to be a part of this insightful International Study Tour.

Campus tour

Cutting-edge infrastructure and the sharpest like-minded learners everywhere fueled the students with the motivation they needed at this point in time. This opportunity helps students understand the kind of things and people they get to meet by studying at world-class universities. As we all know, the United States welcomes international students from across the world and this gives the students of TIA to understand the experiences of the real-time learners even before they took admission for their UG course into a foreign university.

Insightful Lectures:

Professors from world-class universities possess a wealth of knowledge which is a result of years of experience and hard work that came at the cost of many limitless sacrifices. Students of TIA felt it a privilege to be listening to these lectures about the upcoming and currently booming technologies like Artificial Intelligence. These impactful lectures help students to think big and choose a path that is challenging and exciting at the same time.

Insightful Lectures

The Exposure to American Education System:

Every education system in the world has its own unique importance and the American Education is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most widely appreciated educational systems in the world along with the countries like Finland. Students of TIA got to know a glimpse of the American education system as well by interacting with the local students and it helps understand the key differences between Indian and American education systems. However, at the end of the day, it is the student, not the education system that matters the most.

International Study Tour

Visiting the College of Engineering:

As we all know American universities are well-known for producing the world’s best engineers who are the people behind the amazing tech products that we use on a day-to-day basis. Students visited the Engineering campus at California State University and the classrooms and libraries in which many tech minds have studied in the past didn’t fail to level up their curiosity to study and explore technology by using the best resources available in world-class universities like this.

Fun Activities:

After visiting Long Beach Harbor Cruise as part of an excursion, students will be visiting Disneyland. We understand that too much stuff related to studies can leave students in boredom and that’s the reason why we arranged some extra activities that will give them a chance to chill and make this entire visit a memorable experience throughout their life no matter in which corner of the world they choose to settle.

Visit to the Aeronautical Lab:

Before concluding the International study tour, students of Texas International Academy will be visiting the Aeronautical Lab which won’t fail to excite them. Students will be understanding various technical aspects involved which is the sole purpose of taking them on this international study tour. This will not only excite the students just for a while but can also motivate them to work hard to be involved in such complex activities by studying hard at some of the most renowned universities in the world which can give students access to limitless learning opportunities.

Visit to the Aeronautical Lab

To conclude, every year Texas International Academy conducts International study tours to various countries. For the academic year 2022- 2024, 29 students were taken to California State University, Long Beach in the United States of America. We just tried to share their memories and experiences on campus. We hope you also got motivated by this article if you are also an aspiring student to study abroad.

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