Phrases and Clauses Exercises for 10th Standard Students

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Phrases and clauses are important for building a proper sentence structure. Only learning about these two important things won’t make you an expert. You need to practice rigorous phrases and clauses grammar exercises to create sentences and paragraphs more precisely.

In the previous article, you can find definitions and examples of each section related to phrases and clauses, here we have put exercises to help you understand how to create sentence parts more precisely. 

Exercises for Phrases and Clauses

We have put a variety of phrases and clauses exercises for the tenth-standard students to make their base strengthen on sentence structure.

Each section has ten questions and answers to help the tenth-grade students understand phrases and clauses in a better way.

Spot the Subordinate Clause

  1. The cat, which had been lost for a month, was found by the girl.
  2. Although Jacob was ill, he woke up early in the morning.
  3. My uncle went to the shop because he needed groceries.
  4. If I had known Abhay was coming, I would have arranged lunch.
  5. While I was studying the map, the phone rang.
  6. She spoke in a low voice as if she was afraid someone might be listening.
  7. The kids played in the park till noon.
  8. He decided to have his lunch first as he was feeling hungry.
  9. I hope that everything will be fine.
  10. Despite the bad weather, they continued to sail in the sea.


  1. Which had been lost for a month
  2. Although Jacob is ill
  3. Because he needed groceries
  4. If I had known Abhay was coming
  5. While I was studying the map
  6. As if she was afraid someone might be listening
  7. Till noon
  8. As he was feeling hungry
  9. That everything will be fine
  10. Despite the bad weather

Spot the Independent Clause

  1. Rima goes to the store and buys some food items.
  2. I love to read storybooks whenever I get some free time. 
  3. Fatema enjoyed her vacation despite the chill weather.
  4. The new health center opens to much anticipation from the villagers.
  5. All the movie tickets sold out within minutes of the ticket counter being opened.
  6. The Olympians are practicing hard to win the gold medal.
  7. The snowfall occurred the entire night, causing a major roadblock in Srinagar.
  8. The children came inside the room after the rain started.
  9. Ayesha and Omar went surfing on the beaches of Goa. 
  10.  The company made a decent profit despite the competition. 


  1. Rima goes to the store
  2. I love to read storybooks
  3. Fatema enjoyed her vacation
  4. The new health center opens
  5. All the movie tickets sold out
  6. The Olympians are practicing hard
  7. The snowfall occurs the entire night
  8. The children came inside the room
  9. Ayesha and Omar went surfing
  10. The company made a decent profit

Spot the Phrase

  1. In the park, the children played happily.
  2. After the heavy rain, the street was full of mud.
  3. Running down the hill, Sarah felt a little exhausted.
  4. To her surprise, the gift arrived earlier than expected.
  5. Without your help, completing this task will be challenging.
  6. The treasure, hidden beneath the ancient ruins, was finally discovered.
  7. The students were eagerly waiting for their exam results.
  8. Abhinav ran quickly to catch the last train of the night.
  9. The extremely talented musician played a mesmerizing melody.
  10. She spoke softly and gently to the poor man.


  1. In the park
  2. After the heavy rain
  3. Running down the hill
  4. To her surprise
  5. Without your help
  6. Hidden beneath the ancient ruins
  7. Were eagerly waiting
  8. Quickly
  9. Extremely talented
  10. Softly and gently

We hope these 30 questions based on the subordinate clause, independent clause, and phrases helped you to understand phrases and clauses better.

How to Identify Phrases and Clauses?

Here are a few exercises like identifying the phrases and clauses. Practice it to make your base strong.

Identify the Clause Type

  1. The sun shone brightly on the meadow.
  2. The air grew thick with a strange silence as if the forest itself held its breath.
  3. Because Kirthi studied hard, she passed the exam.
  4. The birds sang sweetly, and the flowers bloomed beautifully.
  5. When I finish my homework, I will go out to play.
  6. I believe that whoever arrives first should start the process.
  7. The chartered flight that is parked in the hangar belongs to Mr. Swaminathan.
  8. She was tired, so she went to bed early.
  9. I believe that you will succeed in your new job.
  10. The book that I borrowed from the library last week is interesting.


  1. Independent clause
  2. Dependent clause (Adverb clause)
  3. Dependent clause (Adverb clause)
  4. Independent clause
  5. Dependent clause (Adverb clause)
  6. Dependent clause (Noun clause)
  7. Dependent clause (Adjective clause)
  8. Dependent clause (Adverb clause)
  9. Dependent clause (Noun clause)
  10. Dependent clause (Adjective clause)

Identify the Phrase Type

  1. The old, wooden table on the second floor.
  2. Quite suddenly, he appeared at the door.
  3. By the riverbank, a crocodile has laid eggs.
  4. I was running late for the meeting.
  5. The glimmering stars twinkled in the night sky.
  6. My favorite novel, Moby Dick, is completely adventurous.
  7. Aseem has been studying attentively for his exams since last week.
  8. The room with the red door looks beautiful.
  9. She danced gracefully across the stage, moving with elegance.
  10. The cat napped under the table.


  1. Noun phrase
  2. Adverb phrase
  3. Prepositional phrase
  4. Verb phrase
  5. Noun phrase
  6. Noun phrase
  7. Verb phrase
  8. Adjective phrase
  9. Adverb phrase
  10. Prepositional phrase

Identify Phrase or Clause

  1. Towering oak tree
  2. While the rain stopped suddenly
  3. His heart pounding
  4. Bright orange butterfly
  5. If I had known Prathamesh was coming
  6. The ancient city
  7. Although I was tired
  8. Which was a masterpiece
  9. If you have any questions
  10.  Despite the challenges


  1. Phrase
  2. Clause
  3. Phrase
  4. Phrase
  5. Clause
  6. Phrase
  7. Clause
  8. Clause
  9. Clause
  10. Phrase

Identify the Subordinate Clause Type

  1. After finishing my work, I will join you for a tea break.
  2. What Bhavana said amazed everyone.
  3. Amruth, who lives in a posh area, is my close friend.
  4. Aditya will definitely come if you invite him.
  5. The AC, which I bought 3 years ago, is working fine.
  6. Smiling warmly, she welcomes everyone in the boat.
  7. Whatever my parents decide, it is fine for me.
  8. The cat that sat on the couch is of Persian origin.
  9. Whoever committed this heinous crime, should be punished.
  10.  Why she left the meeting suddenly is still a mystery.


  1. Adverbial clause
  2. Noun clause
  3. Adjective clause
  4. Adverbial clause
  5. Adjective clause
  6. Adverbial clause
  7. Noun clause
  8. Adjective clause
  9. Noun clause
  10.  Noun clause

These 40 questions with answers can help students understand how to identify the phrases and clauses and what are the different types of phrases and clauses in English grammar.


A tenth-grade student needs to have good knowledge about phrases and clauses not only for writing purposes but for interactive activities or communication purposes also. For this reason, learning phrases and clauses will be helpful. Go through the exercise part to learn about this crucial grammatical structure correctly.

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