Students from TIA to visit USA for International Study Tour 2023.

TIA- International Study Tour 2023!

Texas International Academy is so delighted to announce that all the necessary arrangements are finished for the International Study Tour for the year 2023. It has been confirmed from the official sources of the Texas International Academy, Hyderabad, that a total of 29 students got their Visas approved for International Study Tour at California State University, Long Beach.

What is an International Study Tour?

At Texas International Academy, we strive our best to help our students gain valuable experiences that will help them progress in their careers. That’s the reason why we take our students on international study tours where they will get an opportunity to explore a new place, a different culture and various possible career paths to choose from.

In 2023, students from TIA will be landing in Long Beach, California, to Visit California State University, where they will be spending a fortnight, which is a long enough time to delve themselves into the innumerable experiences.

Why is International Study Tour Important?


To get eligibility to study abroad, a student has to put in some sincere effort to grab a spot in his dream university. There might be chances for students to not have enough confidence to face all of it. If they practical experience the ambience of universities abroad, their motivation to study will be fueled to a great extent.


In the International Study Tour 2023, students get the opportunity to meet many intellectual minds at California State University, who will help them get deep insights into the importance of studying at a global university.

For Habituation:

Leaving the motherland for the sake of studies may not be that easy for every student. Once they stay in a different country for two weeks, they will understand how it feels to stay abroad, which gives them an opportunity to adjust themselves to the climatic conditions and the cultural shocks that they might encounter.

Highlights of International Study Tour 2023:

Due to some security reasons, we are not supposed to publish the exact schedule. However, we will try to give you a glimpse of how the international study tour progresses to help you get an idea about it.

  • Campus Tour of California State University.
  • A highly insightful lecture about emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.
  • A lecture that helps students understand American Education System.
  • A Visit to the College of Engineering.
  • Visiting Long Beach Harbor Cruise as part of an excursion.
  • A Visit to Disneyland on Sunday to give students a memorable experience.
  • Visiting the Aeronautical Lab, which gives students an opportunity to explore the vast concepts of aviation.
  • A visit to California Science Centre that helps students to explore the art of science in real-time.

With an aim to help students enhance their knowledge about Science and Technology by practically visiting world-renowned universities in countries like the USA, Texas International Academy conducts International Study Tours every year. In 2023, the management of TIA decided to give the students a glimpse of California State University in Long Beach, California, United States. Both the students who got their visas approved and the management of TIA are so thrilled, and we are so excited to listen to the wonderful experiences the students are going share post the study tour. Let’s all wish them a happy journey!

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