Korean Universities Encourage More Indian International Students: Read Full Story

Lim Sang Woo, the minister of education in Korea, stressed the importance of inviting more International students to study in the Republic of Korea. He identified the role of techies in the development of the Korean economy and has been planning to take the necessary measures to attract International talent to study at Korean universities.

As part of the Study Korea 300K Project, the Ministry of Education is expecting three lakh international students by 2027. The agenda of this project is to portray South Korea(The Republic of Korea) as an ideal destination for international students by providing them with lucrative opportunities to enroll in on-demand courses at Korean universities. The country has been facing some critical challenges with a low birth rate and an aging demographic. To tackle this, the government is taking serious measures to find a solution to this by readdressing the visa policies, and permanent residency opportunities for the immigrants.

What does this imply to Indian study-abroad aspirants?

Minister Lim Sang Woo, who is also the head of Deputy Head of Mission- Project 300K said that- “Indians proficient in the Korean language are in demand at the Korean IT, Technology, and automobile companies” This statement is evident that the Republic of Korea is very keen to invite more Indian students into their universities. 

The Indian government has also introduced the Korean language as one of the eight foreign languages in secondary schools as per the New Education Policy. Measures like these can significantly increase the interest of Indian students to study at Korean universities. 

The Ministries of Science of Korea and the Department of Science & Technology in India have collaborated and taken significant measures by asking the researchers to submit proposals on green mobility, renewable energy, etc. These ties between the two countries are a great plus point for study abroad aspirants to study in a country like South Korea, a technological hub that is home to some world-class companies like Samsung, LG, etc. 

But, currently, the number of Indian students studying in the Republic of Korea is not so big. Even though the language barrier is one of the reasons behind this, the current measures under the mission- Study Korea 300K Project could significantly increase the number of Indian students studying in the Republic of Korea. 

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