SAT to go Fully Digital: Latest update from the college board

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According to the latest announcement from the college board, the SAT is undergoing a transformative shift from the traditional pen-and-paper format. The SAT, an important examination in the college admissions process, will now be conducted entirely online. This change not only marks a departure from the conventional mode of testing but also introduces a crucial shift in the exam pattern. In this article, we will delve into the implications of this transition and explore the key adjustments made to the SAT format.

The Background:

The Digital SAT entered its pilot phase in the year 2021. Starting from Spring 2023, students from outside the United States officially attempted the digital SAT. In a parallel move, the PSAT made its digital debut last fall. Together, these advancements underline a contemporary evolution in standardized testing methods, adapting to the changing needs of students worldwide.

What exactly changed?

The traditional pen-and-paper format has been entirely phased out, requiring all test takers worldwide to complete the digital SAT in a standardized manner. While the exam will maintain its familiar 600-point scale, the duration will be changed from two hours instead of three. Both the math and reading sections will be divided into two parts, with the difficulty of the second part adjusted based on the test taker’s performance in the first. This adaptive approach aims to provide a more tailored evaluation. Test-takers can anticipate faster feedback, as results will now be released in weeks rather than months.

Impact on Indian Students Planning to Study Abroad:

The recent update from the College Board might seem less impactful for Indian students, as they were already taking the test in a digital format before this change. However, this shift aligns American students with students from the rest of the world. Despite this, Indian students should remain vigilant about changes in the exam pattern and duration limits.

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