75+ New Words to Improve Your Vocabulary!

In today’s world, having a rich and varied vocabulary is essential for effective communication. The ability to express oneself clearly and precisely contributes to success in academic and career pursuits. The English language constantly evolves, and new words are being added daily.

English is the language of the internet. The vast majority of online content is in English, including social media, news websites, and e-commerce platforms. A good understanding of the language is essential to navigate and engage with this content.

There are several ways to improve vocabulary. Reading extensively is one of the most effective ways to build a strong vocabulary. Learning new words and their meanings through dictionaries, and online resources can also enhance vocabulary.

A strong vocabulary is particularly important for standardised tests like the SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Every exam has its own set of rules and there is a difference between IELTS and TOEFL. These words can significantly enhance one’s chances of achieving a high score. A diverse and nuanced vocabulary is crucial for performing well and excelling on standardised exams.

List of new words in English to improve your vocabulary:

abolitionn. the act of ending an activity or practice
avowedadj. stated or admitted
amateurn. a person unskilled in a particular activity
barrenadj. unable to produce anything new
bugbearn. a thing or activity that annoys or upsets you
bustlev. to do things in a hurried and busy way
candourn. being honest, sincere and frank
chagrinn. being upset or angry because of a failure or mistake
chafev. to make or become sore by rubbing
colossaladj. extremely large or on a grand scale
dauntv. discourage someone about their ability to achieve
decipherv. to decode something hard to understand or hidden
ditherv. to be very nervous or hesitant to make a decision
embellishv. to decorate something to make it more exciting
epochaladj. a significant time or event involving a great change & evolution
extenuationv. to try to lessen the seriousness of a wrong act by making excuses
extravagantadj. spending too much money or using many resources unreasonably
feasibleadj. can be achieved, reasonable, or is possible
ferocityn. the state of being frightening, violent and brutal
frolicv. to play or behave in a cheerful and lively way
gleefuladj. full of joy, excitement, happiness, or pleasure
gravitasn. seriousness, dignified, and importance of manners
guilen. cunning and intelligent but often use it to deceive others
hedonisticadj. living life according to one’s beliefs and enjoying oneself
heistn. a crime of stealing valuables, often violently, from a place or person
hoaxv. to deceive someone, especially by playing tricks
hysterian. exhibiting uncontrollable emotions like fear, anger, excitement, etc.
impishadj. childish behaviour, mischievous and slightly naughty
ineffableadj. too great and emotional that it is inexpressible in words
inquisitiveadj. eager to acquire knowledge; overly interested in other’s lives
jauntyadj. feeling confident, happy and pleasure
jiben. an insulting or mocking remark to make someone look stupid
juxtaposev. placing dissimilar things next to each other
kindredadj. similar nature or character; related
knackn. skill or ability to do something effortlessly
klatchn. a social gathering held for people to meet socially to talk
laudableadj. praiseworthy, admirable
limpidadj. clear, transparent and easily understood
lucrativeadj. producing a surplus; profitable
maverickn. an independent person who thinks and acts differently from others
meticulousadj. very precise and great attention to every detail
meanderv. follow a winding course or proceed aimlessly
munificentadj. displaying great generosity, liberal and bountiful
nascentadj. beginning to come into existence and likely to emerge in the future
nemesisn. a person or thing that causes one’s downfall, especially as a punishment
nuancen. a slight variation in expression, meaning, appearance, etc.
obsequiousadj. excessively attentive and too eager to obey or please someone
omniscientadj. having complete knowledge, awareness, or understanding
opulentadj. showing great wealth and luxury; rich in appearance
panacean. a remedy that will solve all problems or diseases
plausibleadj. likely to be possible, seemingly credible
prowessn. great ability or skill in a particular activity or field; remarkably brave
quaintadj. unusual and especially old-fashioned, but it’s attractive & pleasant
queasyadj. feeling nauseous or sick; feeling nervous and uneasy
quintessencen. the most perfect or typical example of something
rejuvenatev. to give new strength or energy; feel young and energetic again
renegev. to go back on one’s word, promise or commitment
ruminatev. thinking deeply and carefully for a long period about something
recalcitrantadj. resisting authority or control;  unwilling to obey orders
scrupulousadj. doing everything carefully and exactly as it should be done
serendipityn. an unplanned but fortunate discovery that happens by accident
sedulousadj. careful, diligent, persistent and puts in a lot of effort
spuriousadj. not genuine; false or fake, although plausible
tranquillityn. the absence of disturbance or stress; peacefulness
temerityn. reckless boldness; excessive confidence; foolish bravery
tumultn. a state of confusion or disorder due to loud noises, often involving a crowd
ubiquitousadj. being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time
uncannyadj. in a strange and mysteriously unsettling way; surprising or difficult to understand
utopiann. someone who aspires to impracticable perfectibility of society; visionary
vagaryn. unpredictable change in a circumstance or someone’s behaviour
valiantadj. showing courage, bravery or determination; heroic
virtuoson. someone who is extremely skilled in a particular field
wallowv. to stay in the same state of emotion without changing; to roll in a lazy
wranglen. a quarrel or dispute which is intense, long, angry and noisy
xenophobian. dislike or fear of foreigners, their culture, etc.
xenagoguen. a  tour guide; a guide book
xericadj. habitat, which is extremely dry and lacks humidity and water
yieldn. the quantity of something produced; profit
zealotn. someone with strong opinions or passion about their belief or ideals
zenithn. peak; the point on a celestial body directly above a particular location

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