5 Reasons Why You Should Choose MPC in Intermediate

Why MPC in Intermediate?

As you approach the conclusion of your tenth standard, you enter a crucial phase of your educational journey. The decision that you make at this point in your life will have the potential to decide your entire professional life in the coming years. While there are dozens of streams after the tenth, why do the majority of Indian students enquire about MPC Course? Is it just a societal influence or are there any specific reasons for that?

While societal influence and peer pressure are true to some extent, there are some solid reasons that made MPC a go-to choice for Indian students. Let’s look at some of those reasons that clearly explain the benefits of the MPC course.

Let’s start with why not choose MPC

Before knowing why should you choose MPC, let’s think about why not choose MPC. Let’s understand this better with the help of a mini-activity. Take out a pen and paper and list down ten reasons why not choose MPC in intermediate and justify each of those points. If you can’t write at least five, then MPC may or not may not benefit you but it will surely won’t harm you.

Let’s understand it this way- If you are deeply passionate about becoming a doctor, it makes no sense to ask you to list reasons not to choose MPC. But, if you are not sure about what you want to become and you think you need time to make a decision, MPC Intermediate can be a lifesaver.

The Factor of Affordability:

No matter which course you choose, the financial aspect plays a crucial role in your decision-making. MPC courses in Intermediate and the UG courses after MPC are not only affordable but are also incredibly cost-effective. Most probably MPC students will find employment right after graduation and the salary packages are also great compared to the students from other streams.

Flexibility to Switch Streams:

After studying for two years if you feel the science stream is not for you, the opportunities will always be open for you to choose from a wide range of courses in arts and commerce streams which are also fairly rewarding. However, it’s not advisable to change streams as it represents a lack of clarity and displays poor decision-making skills in your resume when you apply for jobs. It’s advised to be well aware of after intermediate MPC course list before leaping into the course to continue studies with utmost clarity.

Early Financial Independence:

Many students with MPC in intermediate grab a job in their early twenties as the MPC jobs list is endless. If you graduate from top engineering colleges, bagging a double-digit package is quite a simple thing. Even though you finish your education at mid-range colleges, you can expect a starting salary better than the salaries for experienced candidates from other streams. Well, this comparison is not to devalue other streams. After all, a job is not just about salary. If your heart says that a stream offers you happiness that your salary package can’t afford, you should definitely give it a try.

It’s Evergreen and Ever-evolving:

Yes! We can’t predict the future. But, we can definitely look at the past which is pretty much tangible. With the internet at your fingertips, all the stats you need to make a meaningful conclusion can be found in a few clicks. So, don’t trust anyone and just do your own research and figure out which stream after the tenth has been evergreen for so long, and use your conscience to decide if it’s going to continue like that for the years to come.


While there are numerous courses after class 10, MPC stands unique because of some of the reasons we just discussed. If we keep on listing why MPC is the best, there will be no end to it. Students must also be aware of the fact that every stream has some unique point, and if that unique aspect appeals to you, it’s definitely going to be worth your time and effort no matter which stream you choose.

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