Best Courses after Intermediate MPC or 12th PCM for graduation.

Know the best courses after inter MPC

If you are not confused about which course is best after MPC, then you are either extremely smart or haven’t paid much attention to your studies. But, if a constant perplexity is disturbing your mind about what course to choose after inter-MPC, you are not alone and you are on the right track. Browsing the internet, and interacting with peers and well-wishers are some of the effective ways to tackle this issue.

If you are a class 10th student and proactively thinking about the career opportunities after Inter MPC, first try to get an overview of the intermediate MPC course so that you understand what is there in the course and analyze if it fits your interests and aspirations. Later on, you can take time to figure out which course after inter-MPC offers you the best career opportunities.

What makes a course the best course?

Well, the idea of the best course is highly subjective and there can’t be one framework to suggest the ideal course after MPC that works perfectly for everyone. That’s why, we considered three basic factors that might influence a student’s decision as follows:

  1. Popularity
  2. Career Scope
  3. Affordability

First of all, understand what you are deeply passionate about and then find out what is the popular choice of other students. Later figure out if that so-called popular course can offer the career growth you deserve and most importantly estimate the finances till the end of your graduation. If you feel it is out of your budget, search for scholarship opportunities and education loans.

Best Courses with more applicants after MPC:

If more students are choosing one particular type of course, you can consider that as a popular course and it can be picked if you want to play a safe game. Let’s look at some of the popular courses after Intermediate which has a significant number of applications every single year.

BTech / BE

Engineering is undoubtedly the most popular choice among Indian youth to study after Intermediate MPC. A degree in the fields of engineering and technology opens up an ocean of opportunities in different parts of the world irrespective of their nationality. That’s why engineering is considered the best course after inter-MPC with good job opportunities.

There are various branches in engineering itself and thorough research has to be done before choosing a BTech course. You can either pursue engineering courses in India or choose to study abroad. To study Btech abroad, it is advised to prepare for the SAT along with MPC intermediate to get admission into engineering colleges in countries like the USA, Canada, etc.

Popular engineering courses after MPC intermediate

CourseJob Opportunities
Computer Science EngineeringSoftware Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, DevOps Engineer
Electronics and Communication EngineeringTelecommunication Engineer, Network Engineer, Testing and Quality Assurance Engineer, Research and Development (R&D) Engineer
Mechanical EngineeringAutomotive Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, CAD technician, Aerospace engineer
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineer, Construction Manager, CAD Technician, Geotechnical Engineer
Chemical EngineeringChemical engineer, Petroleum engineer, Analytical chemist, Mining engineer, Production manager
Aeronautical EngineeringAeronautical Engineer, Aerodynamics engineer, Design Engineer, CAD technician
Aerospace EngineeringCAD technician, Design engineer, Aerospace engineer, Manufacturing systems engineer, Materials engineer
Automobile EngineeringAutomobile Designer, Quality Engineer, Senior Production Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer
Metallurgy EngineeringProduction Engineer, Metallurgist, Geotechnical Engineer, Product development manager


Bachelor of Science programs after intermediate MPC is a better choice for students interested in scientific research and want to pursue a career around research, teaching, etc. After the M.Sc, there will be many opportunities that are available for BTech students.

After intermediate MPC, you can pursue B.Sc courses in the following branches- Computer Science, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. After your B.Sc, you can either choose to take up a job or pursue an M.Sc and then find research opportunities to build a fulfilling career if you are truly passionate about science.

Popular BSc courses after MPC intermediate

CourseCareer Opportunities
BSc in Computer ScienceSoftware Developer, Data Analyst, Professor, Mobile App Developer
BSc in Electronics and Computer ScienceElectrical Technician, Sound Technician, Telecommunications Engineer, Technical Support Executive
BSc in PhysicsPhysicist, Teacher, Research Associate, R&DScientist
BSc in ChemistryChemist, Research Associate, Lab Assistant, Teacher/ Professor
BSc in MathematicsTeacher, Subject Matter Expert, Researcher, Financial Analyst, Banker
BSc in StatisticsFinancial risk analyst, Investment analyst, Statistician, Business analyst, Data analyst

Other Courses

Career options after Inter MPC need not be limited to Science and engineering streams. There are some unconventional paths that are fairly rewarding if chosen wisely. Some of the alternatives to science and engineering streams after inter-MPC may include the following courses:

  1. Chartered Accountancy
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management
  5. Bachelor of Commerce, etc.

Which courses after inter-MPC offer the best salary packages?

If you are determined to play tough and value hard work that reaps results in the long run, choose the road not taken and grab the opportunities with potential scope for career advancement

It’s widely believed that engineering courses after Inter MPC offer greater salary packages compared to other graduates. Of course, within engineering, there are many categories like computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

Jobs like Full-Stack developer, Machine learning engineer, Data scientist, etc. are some of the best-paying jobs after graduation. So, search for the relevant courses which upon completion open doors for the above-discussed job opportunities.

Budget-friendly ways to pursue the best courses after MPC:

No matter how popular the course is and how great the career prospects are, if the course is not within your budget, you might have a hard time coping with your finances. But thankfully, many UG courses after Inter MPC are quite affordable for the middle class in India. Even if you think a particular course or college is expensive for you, you can consider the following two budget-friendly ways to pursue the best courses after MPC.

Crack the entrance exams

There are many government entrance exams, which can offer you full or partial reimbursement of your tuition fees. Entrance exams like JEE help you study at the top engineering colleges in India and there are entrance exams like EAMCET on the state level as well. Apart from benefiting financially, another important benefit of cracking these entrance exams is getting an opportunity to study at the best UG colleges in India and abroad.

Apply for the scholarships

Scholarships are the best way to get access to valuable courses that would otherwise be missed due to financial constraints. The criteria to win the eligibility might be tough, but the monetary benefits you can avail of are going to be immeasurable. Along with scholarships to study in India, there are scholarships to study abroad as well for Indian students. So, the financial aspect need not be a barrier to pursuing your favorite UG courses after inter-MPC.


To conclude, there is no such thing as the best courses after intermediate MPC as the decision depends on the student’s areas of interest. External factors like Popularity, Affordability, and Career scope should be taken into consideration while choosing the right course in UG by keeping MPC course jobs in mind. Popular courses are good for playing a safe game but may not fit everyone’s interests. The courses with promising career opportunities should be given prime importance and if there is any financial constraint to pursue good courses after inter-MPC, students should definitely consider applying for scholarships.


Which job has the highest salary in PCM?

Once you finish higher education after PCM / MPC in intermediate, you can expect high-paying jobs like Machine learning Engineer, Full stack developer, Data Scientist, etc. These jobs offer some of the best salary packages in the world after MPC in Intermediate.

Can we pursue BBA after MPC?

Yes, after MPC in intermediate, you can pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Excluding courses related to medicine, MPC students can take up the majority of the UG courses in various streams like Science, Technology, Finance, Arts, Commerce, etc.

Between BTech and BSc, which course is better after Inter MPC?

If you are more inclined towards creating something new or finding solutions to pressing problems, engineering can be an ideal course for you. BSc will be beneficial for those who love research and theoretical exploration.

What are study abroad opportunities after MPC intermediate?

There are limitless opportunities to study abroad after inter MPC to study abroad. For that, you need to prepare for some standardized tests like the SAT, along with language proficiency exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

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