MEC Jobs List and Salary: Let’s have a comprehensive look

MEC jobs with a lot of growth potential

No matter which streams you choose after the class tenth, there will be one factor that influences your decision-making as a student and that factor is the prospective career opportunities. MEC course in intermediate wouldn’t be popular if it doesn’t offer lucrative career opportunities with competitive salaries and high growth potential.

MEC jobs with high salaries include Hedge Fund Manager, Chief Financial Officer, etc. but these jobs are for only those who have chosen the best UG courses after the Intermediate MEC exam. Let’s look at some MEC career opportunities after finishing higher education. But before that, make sure to know the MEC Course details to grasp meaningful insights from this blog.

List of Entry-level jobs after graduation with MEC in Intermediate:

Entry-level jobs are something that you can expect with moderate salaries right after graduation. There are many benefits of Intermediate MEC as there are various jobs with a lot of growth potential which you can choose and reach higher positions after gaining good enough experience. So, let’s check out some entry-level positions that might help you kickstart your career.

Financial Analyst:

If you think that you possess an analytical mind and enjoy drawing insights from numbers, the financial analyst position is for you. This is one of the most lucrative job opportunities after MEC with attractive salary packages.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the fields of economics, or commerce is one of the best ways to get started. Having an MBA would definitely be an add-on to progress in this path.

Annual Salary of Financial Analyst

CountryAverage Salary


This is the most common career path many commerce students usually opt for. Accountant jobs are almost everywhere in the world from tier 2 cities to many cosmopolitan cities. MEC job market trends are quite predictable and there will be no deficiency for accountant jobs in the coming future.

To build a successful career in the field of accountancy, consider pursuing an MBA after UG. Consider investing your time to become a chartered accountant which offers a fruitful career in various positions in the finance industry.

Annual Salary of an Accountant

CountryAverage Salary

Digital Marketing Analyst:

We can’t imagine our lives without the internet. With billions of users on the internet, every business wants to build a presence for themselves on the internet. That’s when a professional who has sound knowledge of consumer psychology, e-commerce, analytics, visual, and content aspects of marketing is needed for successful digital marketing campaigns.

Annual Salary of a Digital Marketing Analyst

CountryAverage Salary

List of High-paying jobs for experienced professionals with MEC in Intermediate

There are many fat salaried jobs available for MEC students in every corner of the world. The fields of Finance and marketing are always looking for the best talent who can just play with numbers and draw insights to help their businesses grow. It is recommended to be aware of the best course after the 12th MEC to grab these high-paying jobs.

You can also pursue UG abroad from world-class universities to grab some of the high-paying jobs like these but you may have to prepare for MEC with SAT during intermediate to study abroad. Anyways, let’s look at some of the best jobs available for the MEC students.

Hedge Fund Manager

This is one of the high-salaried jobs in the finance sector. But, It’s important to know that getting a job as a fund manager is very competitive. Along with traditional education, you need to prove your knowledge by clearing some of the toughest exams in the world like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Apart from these efforts, it’s advised to be involved in internships at reputed firms and gradually advance in your career to be finally able to grab the Hedge Fund Manager position.

Annual Salary of a Hedge Fund Manager

CountryAverage Salary
India₹23.5 Lakhs

Investment Banker:

The role of an investment banker is one of the most challenging and crucial regarding some serious financial decisions of a business. For this role also it’s advised to clear the  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam to grab some of the high-paying positions as an investment banker. But, A lot of groundwork needs to be done in the form of internships and other means before reaching the desired position.

Annual Salary of an Investment Banker

CountryAverage Salary
India₹18 Lakhs

Marketing Head:

The most crucial pillar in the success of any business is definitely the marketing. Nobody cares how great a product is if they don’t know it exists. So, it’s the duty of the marketing team to leverage various print and digital media to get the exposure they need to get ahead of the competition. The head of marketing is the key position to do all the heavy lifting to make a business shine and it’s one of the high-profile MEC career paths that offers high-paying jobs.

Annual Salary of a Marketing Head

CountryAverage Salary
India₹24 Lakhs


Students after MEC in Intermediate will have a wide variety of courses to pursue in UG to grab some of the world-class opportunities in the fields of finance, accounting, and business administration. From entry-level positions like accountants to high-profile jobs like fund managers, there are many lucrative and highly rewarding career opportunities are there with MEC in Intermediate as discussed above.

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