5 Reasons Why MEC Intermediate Is Better Than You Think

Key Benefits of MEC in Intermediate

If you are skeptical about whether to choose the MEC intermediate course or not, you must know some of the key benefits of this course. Every course after class tenth which is existential, has some unique benefits to offer. Otherwise, no student would ever choose those courses and institutions will stop offering those courses which are not financially viable for them.

Numerous students reached great heights in their lives in the fields of finance and accountancy by pursuing top-notch UG programs after intermediate MEC education. Let’s find out what is unique about MEC compared to other courses available for students to take after class tenth.

Ease of entry:

The competition to get admission for an MEC course either in a government or private college is relatively lower. It doesn’t mean that this course is an unpopular choice. Why? Because the number of admissions is not an appropriate metric to determine the popularity of a course.

There are many students forced to take courses that help them secure a career in the tech field but many end up switching careers as soon as they find it’s not their passion. If you are someone interested in scaling businesses and have competence in data interpretation, and accounting, the MEC course can be a go-to choice for you despite the low competition for admission into the course.

Diverse options for UG:

Regardless of which intermediate course you choose, the shiny job opportunities will be open only after you finish your UG with on-demand courses from popular universities. The same goes for the MEC course as well.

The major fields after MEC Intermediate include, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, and Accountancy. These are the core aspects of a successful business and many organizations are willing to spend significant amounts of salaries for professionals in these key areas of business.

High-paying jobs in the finance industry:

Many high-paying jobs for MEC intermediate students revolve around the financial aspects of business. Some popular jobs include Hedge fund manager, Investment banker, etc. But, to grab these well-compensated careers, students need to put in a lot of hard work and may have to gain significant experience before reaching their desired positions.

Students can expect double-digit packages in various job positions after higher education with MEC in Intermediate. The job opportunities are widely available both in India and abroad.

Most preferred intermediate course for CA aspirants:

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most desired career opportunities after inter-MEC. Students start their preparation for the entrance of CA, during their MEC intermediate course and it becomes quite easier for them as the syllabus in the Inter MEC acts as a foundation for the syllabus of CA.

Becoming a CA is a time-consuming process and persistence plays a crucial role in a student’s success before they successfully become a Chartered Accountant.

Vast opportunities to study abroad:

Many students, parents, and mentors overlook the tremendous opportunities that MEC Intermediate students have abroad. If a student can invest a significant amount of time after class tenth by taking up courses like MEC with Integrated SAT, they can grab admissions into top universities around the world. After finishing the Undergraduate courses, students can either pursue a PG program or take up a job as they wish.


Every course that is available out there has some sort of unique benefits. Whether it’s beneficial or not to a particular student depends on their personal interests and aspirations. The MEC Intermediate course is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, etc. After higher education and a few years of experience, students will have prospering careers in these fields.

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