5 Innovative Engineering Careers Abroad: A 2024 Guide

Engineering Careers Abroad

The world is growing at a rapid speed. Every day infrastructure-wise the world is growing, new web applications are developing and the engineering sector is experiencing overall growth.  

Thinking about starting your career as an engineer abroad at this time may open for you a vast career opportunity that is unthinkable! Your engineering job abroad can place you in a high salary range group and offer you other opportunities.

What are The Engineering Careers in Demand Abroad?

It is a genuine fact that a good number of engineers are going abroad for job purposes. They are also getting jobs there with good remuneration. It is not surprising anymore that with the world progressively advancing towards technological inventions, the demand for engineers is increasing.

You can have a look at how the careers in Engineering abroad are and why they are in high demand: 

  1. Robotics Engineering

We all know that we are progressing towards automation very rapidly. Robotics engineering is assisting the technological progression in the designing and developing sector.

  1. Aerospace Engineering

An aerospace engineer works with the development, design, and testing of an aircraft. The engineers usually work with the aerodynamics and avionics to ensure the performance and safety of the aircraft.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) Engineering

VR Engineers are capable of creating immersive and interactive visual experiences. These tech experts are associated with developing VR applications. Their demand is high at present because nowadays every industry is adopting VR technology for leveraging production, and enhancing customer experience.

  1. Software Engineering

Software engineers usually deal with designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software applications. They build software solutions for end users by applying programming language knowledge. After joining the job, a software engineer can be an Application Developer, Mobile Developer, Programmer, Systems Analyst, or Applications Architect.

  1. Civil Engineering

A civil engineer is a professional who manages construction projects. He has to plan and construct projects like airports, dams, roads, highways, bridges and buildings. A civil engineer usually plans, and manages the construction team under him/her, finishes the work within the period, must possess good budgeting skills, and finally has to finish the work within the timeline.

Countries Where Engineers are in High Demand at Present

Countries spread across continents ranging from North America, and Europe to Australia are seeking talented engineers to fulfill their demands.

Here is a list of countries that are seeking engineers at a high rate:

  1. United States of America

For the USA, the demand flows in both ways. Students all across the globe love to study engineering in the USA and in the reverse mode, the demand for engineers is very high in the US in diversified industries like software, aerospace, and medical, and others. 

  1. Canada

The North American neighbor of the USA is a top-notch country if you think about pursuing a career after studying engineering in Canada. The country welcomes talented engineers in different sectors. Their simple visa policy and immigrant-welcoming nature have made the nation a favorite for engineers. Usually, civil, and chemical engineers are in high demand in Canada. 

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is always a popular destination for tourists because of its scenic beauty and multicultural environment. However, the country is not only famous for its natural beauty, but with its economic progression, the demands of engineers are high at present in New Zealand.

What are The High-paying Engineering Jobs Abroad?

In the 21st century, engineering is a lucrative career as it offers a good number of high-paying jobs. In the engineering field, there is always a gap between the demand and supply. The demand for skilled engineers always remains high but the supply of them is not adequate. It is true for both India and abroad as well. 

That is why engineers always come under the high-salaried group. Software engineers and civil engineers are at present in high demand and getting high salaries if we specifically discuss about foreign countries. Several affluent North American, European, and Middle East Asian countries are offering them attractive salaries and other benefits to retain top talent.

Now, we can have a look at the reasons why software engineers and civil engineers are getting higher salaries.

  • Software engineers

To start with software engineers, the USA is obviously ranked first in paying software engineers. Then come Switzerland and Israel. As per PageGroup sources, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, and Australia are some of the countries where software developers are in high demand.

Experts say in 2023, the upcoming year 2024, and in the near future; software developers will be the most in-demand professionals. According to the experts, the shortage of skilled software developers is the reason they are getting a hefty amount of salary. 

  • Civil engineers

On the basis of demands, civil engineers are next in the queue after software engineers. Attractive salary packages, high standards of living, and career opportunities are the reasons Indian civil engineers are so much in demand abroad. 

While as per sources, Canada has the highest demand for civil engineers. Apart from Canada, there are some other countries with high demand for civil engineers.

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands

You can choose either software engineering or civil engineering as your career option if you are studying intermediate and want to pursue B.Tech in the future.

How are the Engineering Job Market Trends Abroad in 2024?

Engineering jobs are mostly dominating the market if you look at the recent job trends. The positive aspect of it is not only that Software engineering or Civil engineering is in demand but other engineering fields are also receiving good salary packages from foreign-based companies.

The recent engineering jobs in demand other than software and civil:

  1. Digital Manufacturing Engineer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
  4. Simulation Engineer
  5. Process Engineer

Now we can have a look at the job market trends for 2024.

  • Terms like ‘Recession’ and ‘Layoffs’ created a psychological fear amidst the people in the Corona time. In 2024, economists are predicting better economic conditions around the world along with the chances of more job creation. Sectors like Oil and Gas may restart the hiring spree again. So, the hiring trend for mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical engineers will rise again.
  • As per a recent LinkedIn report, the demand for engineers from all fields will mostly be from small companies in 2024. So, rather than going after reputed MNCs and conglomerates, if the tech-experts choose small companies they may earn a good salary. 
  • Remote working options are another trend that is going to stay for at least the next couple of years. Engineers, especially software and AR/VR engineers prefer and can work remotely. The experts say for the next couple of years, this remote working trend is going to stay.

Cost of Living and Financial Planning While Staying Abroad 

Did you know that according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), 30 million Indians are living all over the world, making it the second-largest diaspora? 

Although it seems attractive, actually relocating abroad is a difficult task. You will come under an unfamiliar tax regime, different interest rates, and other unknown financial problems.

Here is a guide to help you with the Financial Planning: 

  • The first thing to remember is that your financial basket is directly linked to your tax regime. Your income, investment, financial goals everything will be associated with it. Another noticeable factor is the financial planning you are going to make for the USA may not be suitable for the UK after studying engineering in the UK, Australia, or any Middle-Eastern country. So, your financial planning is country-wise going to change.
  • The second thing to remember is the NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) account. You have to manage your earnings in India by using the NRO savings account after you relocate to a foreign country.
  • While you are changing your residential status, you need to take care of your India-based investments also. Your Demat account, mutual fund, and Provident Fund (PF) all will go through a transformation. You need to update your KYC (Know Your Customer), most of the banks will ask you to change your bank account status, and most probably you have to open an NRE (Non-Resident External) account.      

After financial planning, we should focus on the cost of living abroad. Here is a table you can check to understand the approximate cost of living in major countries around the world:

USAUSD 4076USD 128USD 97
CanadaUSD 1044USD 70USD 68
UKUSD 2195USD 172USD 74
AustraliaUSD 1571USD 139USD 73
GermanyUSD 1226USD 85USD 59

Source: Wise

Benefits of Pursuing an Engineering Degree Abroad

Your career path is going to experience a major change if you have thought about pursuing an engineering degree abroad. You are going to receive vast exposure for sure. With the diversified office environment and lucrative salary offer; You will surely be treading a new career path. 

Now, you can have a look at the benefits of pursuing a career in Engineering abroad.

  • High-level Curriculum

Top-notch academic institutions and universities usually maintain a high-level curriculum. With cutting-edge research facilities and innovative teaching methods, these universities always try to maintain their status high.

  • Broader Thinking Capacity

We all know with theory sessions in the classroom if students receive practical experience; their thinking capacity will become broader. Foreign universities exactly maintain it. They help the students to grow problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking capacity.

  • Robust Networking

When you are studying at a top-notch university, it means you have students from different countries as your fellow international students. Then you are automatically creating a networking base and it may help you in the near future with job searching and other valuable purposes.


A high range of salary, good career prospects, and healthcare-related facilities are some of the reasons why engineers are thinking of searching for an engineering job abroad.

With this blog, we have helped you to understand 5 innovative careers in engineering abroad, the expenses of living in the top 5 job destinations, the top engineering jobs at this moment and the 2024 job trend in the engineering sector.

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