Best Format to Write a Letter to the Editor with Examples | Class 10th

A vital component of public speech and good communication for students in classes 10 and 12 is writing a letter...
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Mastering the Class 10th Mensuration Formulas!

Mensuration, a vital branch of mathematics deals with the study of the measurement of geometric figures. For Class 10 students,...
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Bonafide Certificate for Class 10 | Required Documents, Application Format

Bonafide Certificate is one of the crucial documents that class 10 students need to continue their education. Just like a...
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How to Write an Application to Principal | Class 10

Applications to the Principal are important letters students write to their school principal. They help students talk to the principal...
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Practice Tenses Exercises for Class 10 with Answers

Tense is the foundational topic every student must learn if they want to understand English grammar with ease. Either to...
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English Tenses Chart PDF with Rules and Examples

“I eated late today because I sleep late yesterday.”  Without tenses, our conversations will be as disgusting as the above...
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Article Writing Format Class 10: Write Articles Like a Pro

In the field of writing, articles hold a special place. Mastering article writing is an important skill that can make...
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Notice Writing Topics For Class 10 with Examples

Notice writing, along with mastering the article writing format, is an essential skill that students must have to effectively communicate...
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8 Parts of Speech Chart with Examples | Class 10

English grammar can be difficult for beginners. Understanding the parts of speech and tenses in English is important for communication,...
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How to Write a Letter to a Friend: A Step-by-Step Guide for Class 10 Students

The prevalence of handwritten letters is declining in this era of extreme digitization. Writing letters could even be viewed as...
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