Uses of Chat GPT for Students | Excel in your academics using this powerful AI tool.


There is a lot of discussion about AI and Chat GPT, which creates fear among many job holders due to its insane capabilities. Let us ignore the negative aspects of this new technology for some time and explore some mind-blowing capabilities and find out how students can use Chat GPT and get the best from it.

Before getting started we want to make one thing clear. There have been a lot of misconceptions about this tool on every corner of the internet about its ability to replace humans. But, the truth is, at least in the case of students, it can only assist in easing certain things but can never match the expertise of human teachers. If you are an AI enthusiast, sorry to disappoint you, but we have to agree with the facts.


The way students learn and understand academic concepts will never be the same as they get used to AI tools like Chat GPT. When ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, it took the whole internet by storm as college students to industry veterans have been continuously discussing this amazing tech wherever it’s possible. Some people were not so happy with this AI tool because of its insanely amazing capabilities that could potentially threaten the employment of many humans. However, change is inevitable! Either you embrace it or get crushed by the competition. 

Chat GPT is not only capable of replacing jobs, but it can also help students score better in exams, assist as a personal tutor, and can also help students make money online. Feeling Excited? We too! Let’s give you a clear-cut understanding of how students can use Chat GPT to excel in their studies. 

Let’s start by addressing one important question before figuring out how Chat GPT can help students.  

What is Prompt Engineering? | You Must Know This Before Using Chat GPT

First, we need to understand the difference between a search engine and an AI Language Model. Google, the most popular search engine, gives answers to queries by using complex algorithms to rank the web pages that are more relevant to what the user is looking for and also their intent. But with AI tools like ChatGPT, we will get a direct answer from the tool itself based on the data it has been trained with. The prompt is basically the input you give to chatGPT, and the quality of the response from Chat GPT largely depends on the quality of the prompt. If you use Chat GPT on a daily basis, you will get an idea about what kind of prompt is giving better results, and that’s how you are going to improve your prompt engineering skills. Once you Open Chat GPT, make sure to click on New Chat,and before starting the conversation, define the role of Chat GPT so that it can provide the best solutions to your queries. For example, if you need help with Spoken English, you can start the conversation by saying- “You are an English Professor”, and then ask your queries. However, the prompt shouldn’t be that simple, and we are going to discuss advanced prompting techniques in this blog itself, so bear with us. 

Use Chat GPT To Bust The Fear of Mathematics

A large majority of students face a lot of trouble when it comes to excelling in mathematics. There are many students who curse themselves for not being able to compete with their peers in academics and competitive exams because of their poor performance in mathematics. But not anymore if you learn how to use Chat GPT to practice math by learning the perfect way to prompt. 

Let’s have a look at one example of how you can give a perfect prompt if you want to take the help of Chat GPT for your SAT preparation

Open a New Chat in Chat GPT, and you can give a first prompt something like this-

“You are a quantitative aptitude trainer with 15 years of experience in training students for the SAT preparation. Please help me in preparing for the examination.”

You can make the prompt even more detailed by providing some extra and relevant information as well. 

In your second prompt, just copy and paste your question and let the magic unfold. 

Let’s have a look at the results. 

chatGPT prompt on SAT

ChatGPT prompt

ChatGPT response

Isn’t this cool? You can do this with n number of problems from your question bank, and by doing so regularly, you can completely break the fear of mathematics and excel in exams without actually hiring a personal tutor. But remember that it’s just a tool and can’t replace a human tutor. You will understand its limitations after using it for some time and ultimately need the help of an experienced trainer in clearing complex exams like CAT, SAT, JEE, etc. 

How To Learn English With Chat GPT? 

In India, being knowledgeable is not enough to secure a job or move to a higher position from your existing job. Having great communication skills, especially in the English Language, is extremely important. Despite having studied in English Medium schools right from childhood, many Indian students struggle to speak English properly even after graduation. Let’s tackle this problem by understanding how we can use Chat GPT to learn English. As discussed earlier, our first prompt after opening a new chat should always be about defining the role of Chat GPT. 

For example, 

Prompt-1: “You are an English Professor who graduated from [University Name] and specialized in teaching English to [Define age group here] for more than ten years. On a scale of 1 to 10, I can rate my English fluency as 6. Please help me in improving my English.” 

Prompt-2: “Give some exercises from Basic to Advanced Level to test my knowledge in tenses.” 

In the next steps, answer the questions, and it will rectify and give explanations if you make any mistakes. This way, you can ask as many questions as you want to improve your English using Chat GPT.

How Students Can Make Money Online Using Chat GPT?

Well, this is very interesting! During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for freelancers saw a sudden surge, and it’s still continuing for many obvious reasons. What if we say you can make a decent income by complementing your pre-existing skills with Chat GPT? Okay, let’s understand different ways to use Chat GPT to make money online for students.

Become a Social Media Content Strategist: 

Trust us! There are some six-figure business owners who don’t even understand the basic features of Instagram and seek help from youngsters like you who are familiar with social media. However, Social Media Marketing has a learning curve and may take a few months to master it. But, in 2023, with the availability of Chat GPT, you can speed up the game with prompt engineering. 

Chat GPT can greatly help you with the content aspect of Social Media Marketing. But to make money out of it, you need to learn other AI tools like Mid Journey for Image generation and Canva for Graphic Designing. Whenever you get stuck with the process, just put the question in front of Chat GPT, and you will find some sort of solution in most cases. 

Become a Ghost Writer:

In 2023, personal branding is trending in the digital marketing space like never before, and there are many startup founders and CEOs of established companies who want to build a brand for themselves on professional platforms like LinkedIn and don’t have enough time to do so. That’s when they need the help of a young mind who can write short stories in an engaging way to build their social media profiles. People usually hire ghostwriters to manage their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. So, make sure to have a clear understanding of how these platforms function. Collect information from your client and generate content using Chat GPT by properly understanding your client’s story and the target audience. 


Apart from the few ways discussed above, there are dozens of use cases of Chat GPT that students can benefit from. Students from arts backgrounds can learn to code using Chat GPT. Students with technical backgrounds can level up their coding game to 10x faster by outsourcing simple coding tasks to it. This incredible tool can act as a tutor, mentor, coder, or anything and everything. It’s up to us to get the best out of it by giving meaningful prompts. 

We hope you found this blog post about how to use Chat GPT for students to be helpful, and thanks a lot for scrolling till the end. Make sure to check out some frequently asked questions about Chat GPT for students below. 


1. Can Chat GPT replace a student’s personal tutor? 

Never! At least for the time being, students can’t rely on Chat GPT alone for their studies because of its limitations and inability to provide correct information every time. Moreover, teaching is more than just a profession. So, Chat GPT or any other AI tool can’t replace it. 

2. Is Chat GPT worth the hype?

Some people are very busy exaggerating its capabilities. So, it’s better to stay away from such content and just think about how to use this tool to make your work easier in whichever way possible.

3. Will Chat GPT make students lazy? 

Unfortunately, Yes, to some extent. There are instances when students just copy-pasted their assignments from Chat GPT directly. If you rely more on this tool, it may reduce your creativity levels as well. So, be cautious while using Chat GPT. 

4. Will Chat GPT give correct answers every time? 

For topics like mathematics, it will give accurate answers almost every time. But it may fail in presenting things like stats, current events, etc. 

5. Apart from Chat GPT, what other AI tools should students need to learn?

For assistance in academics, there is no other AI tool that can beat Chat GPT. But there are other tools that you can learn based on your interest. Like Mid Journey for Designing, etc.

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