3 Trends Intermediate Colleges Must Embrace in 2024

3 Trends of Intermediate College

Technology has always been a driving force in the education sector. From the invention of the printing system to the latest online learning system; you can say these two fields are closely connected.

In this blog, you are going to experience 3 trends that intermediate colleges should accept for the betterment of their teaching system. These trends are focused on making the education system personalized and engaging.

So, let’s take a look at the 3 trends that are going to transform the intermediate college education system.   

How to Prepare for Future Trends in Education

What will be the future trends in education and how to prepare for them, is a thought that even makes the educationalists puzzled. New challenges are rising every day along with new opportunities are also emerging making new trends an inevitable matter in the education sector.

The 3 trends going to impact the intermediate education:

  • Introduction of Technology in Curriculum

Starting from first, to maintain the rhythm with future trends, intermediate colleges should start teaching students on topics like AI and ML, Blockchain, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). An introduction to these topics from an early stage will make the students ready for UG education even abroad from an early stage.

  • Project-Based-Learning System

Intermediate schools should start adopting project-based learning systems where students are active participants in the learning process. PBL or project-based learning system creates collaboration between students and encourages them to solve problems on their own. Brainstorming and implementation are the two key factors associated with PBL. It will help the students to be lifelong learners and change-makers too.

  • Personalized Learning System

The personalized learning tools will act as a helping hand to intermediate students and help them to learn a subject on the basis of their IQ level. The meritorious students will be tested with harder questions and average and below-average students will face comparatively easier questions. This personalized learning system will make the task easier for educators to detect which particular student is facing difficulty in which particular area. The teacher can help the students accordingly.

The Most Important Future Trends for Intermediate College

We all are aware of how AI or Artificial Intelligence has created a buzz all across the globe. The intermediate education sector is no exception to it. AI technology can make the difficult task easy for the education sector by offering smart content creation and grading along with maintaining reports.

Different school boards, ie, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) have partnered with Microsoft India to organize capacity-building programs for high school teachers by integrating cloud-powered technology.  

Here you can have a glance at how AI is helping the education sector, especially the intermediate colleges.

  • Collaboration between AI and Educators

AI can streamline administrative tasks. It can give intermediate educators the necessary freedom to concentrate more on teaching. The technology has the capacity to support teachers by creating smart content and helping them by developing personalized teaching methods for every student.

  •  AI Helping in Student Engagement

It can make learning more engaging by producing interesting intermediate study materials. AI, especially chatbots, is helping in student engagement. Chatbots can personalize and adapt the student’s learning style by creating more opportunities for educators to create student engagement.

  • Online Classroom

The coronavirus outbreak has given us no other option than to accept online learning sessions. Post-COVID, online classroom applications have become a norm. These apps offer live video streaming, screen sharing, and media-interactive presentations to make the virtual student-teacher interaction a normal affair.

The Future of Education for Intermediate Students

The education system and its governing bodies are gradually realizing that to make intermediate students more prepared for UG studies, it is necessary to infuse critical thinking and logical reasoning capabilities within them. That’s why, they have initiated metacognitive reflection, a student-focused education system, and a new mode of learning in the intermediate curriculum.

  • Metacognitive Reflection

Teachers are providing intermediate students the space to reflect on their thoughts. Teachers must train students on how to analyze their thoughts. This metacognitive reflection can help the students to have a better understanding of a particular topic and will gradually become a master of the topic.

  •  Student-centric Education System

Till now, curriculum and strict deadlines usually controlled our intermediate education policy. In the future, the trend is going to change. A student-focused education system is going to take place where they will be able to learn as per their capacity. 

Another noticeable point is the students will be prepared for SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL and the educational institutions will help them with profile building for UG studies abroad.

  • Break from The Traditional way of learning

While intermediate is an important doorstep for further studies or study abroad, educational institutions should start focusing on that. MPC with SAT and MEC with SAT are the courses they must integrate to prepare students for higher studies in foreign countries. These institutions should integrate futuristic technologies like Blockchain, Robotics, AI & ML, Quantum Computing, and IoT (Internet of Things) in the mode of brief introduction in the curriculum. 


The future trends in the intermediate education system indicate that changes are imperative. What is exciting in this entire matter is changes are not going to happen only in technical aspects but a student’s mental growth will also be taken into consideration now. 

Preparing students for admission to top-notch colleges is another part of this future trend. That’s why they should get a briefing on the latest technologies from an earlier stage. The latest tech revolution which is AI (Artificial Intelligence) has started helping by creating students-focused education systems and that too online!

We are proud that at Texas International Academy (TIA), we have already initiated the process of making our students aware of the latest technologies by introducing Blockchain technology, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and others in the curriculum. 

Overall, these are three forthcoming improvements expected in the intermediate education system for the betterment of students’ learning experiences.

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