Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises: Test Your Skill Now

We use Direct and Indirect speeches in our conversations and writing throughout our life. This is the reason if we build a strong fundamental base on Direct and Indirect speeches from an early age (the ideal time is to learn it around class 10); it can help us in our future professional careers for sure.

The previous article on Direct and Indirect Speech rules was entirely focused on the definition and rules. In this blog, Direct and Indirect Speech exercises, we have provided questions and answers for practice purposes.

Converting Direct Speech to Indirect Speech Exercises

Here is a question of 30 Direct speeches that you have to convert into Indirect speeches. The answers are provided after the questions.


  1. Heena said, “I want to go to the newly opened amusement park.” 
  2. Priyanka promised, “I will start my task tomorrow morning.”
  3. Meera requested, “Please draw the curtain.”
  4. The math teacher asked Arun “Why did you arrive late?”
  5. Twinkle announced, “I am going to watch the latest movie.”
  6. Priya informed Govind, “I have completed the assignment.”
  7. Sujeeth mentioned, “I cannot attend the housewarming party.”
  8. John said to Mary, “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”
  9. Ashish said, “I have really enjoyed the movie.”
  10.  Jalal said to Garima, “I think this dress looks great on you.”
  11. Vipul said, “I will not be late for the school bus tomorrow.”
  12. The doctor advised Vaibhav, “You should drink plenty of water.”
  13. Ashitha informed us, “I am cooking continental dishes tonight.”
  14. My mother asked, “Have you eaten your lunch?” 
  15.  The child pleaded to his mother, “Please take me to the fair.”
  16.  Anuradha said to her elder brother, “I want to buy a new pair of shoes.”
  17.  The boss instructed Shailesh, “Finish this report by tomorrow.”
  18.  Sumit said, “Be careful of the dog.”
  19.  Charles said, “Let’s go for a walk.” 
  20.  The salesman said, “The gadget comes with a one-year warranty.”
  21.  Hashim stated, “I have finished my project.”
  22. The sign on the door read, “Please enter quietly.”
  23.  Akhila informed us, “The movie will start at 9 PM.”
  24. Vishnu pleaded, “Please don’t disturb Jayesh.”
  25. Our Prime Minister urged, “We must take action now to protect our environment.”
  26.  Afshan warned Anand, “Don’t eat that rotten apple.”
  27.  Jyothi suggested, “Let’s go for a morning walk.”
  28.  Dinesh said, “I prefer coffee over tea.”
  29.  Sridhar said to Giridhar, “It’s raining outside.”
  30. Ashish remarked, “The birds are chirping.”


  1. Heena said that she wanted to go to the newly opened amusement park.
  2. Priyanka promised that she would start her task the following morning.
  3. Meera requested to draw the curtain.
  4. The math teacher asked Arun why he had arrived late.
  5. Twinkle announced that she was going to watch the latest movie.
  6. Priya informed Govind that she had completed the assignment.
  7. Sujeeth mentioned that he could not attend the housewarming party.
  8. John apologized to Mary for hurting her feelings.
  9. Ashish said that he had really enjoyed the movie.
  10. Jalal said to Garima that he thought the dress looked great on her.
  11. Vipul promised that he would not be late for the school bus the next day.
  12. The doctor advised Vaibhav that he should drink plenty of water.
  13.  Ashitha informed us that she was cooking continental dishes that night.
  14.  My mother asked if I had eaten my lunch.
  15.  The child pleaded with his mother to take him to the fair.
  16.  Anuradha told her elder brother that she wanted to buy a new pair of shoes.
  17.  The boss instructed Shailesh to finish the report by tomorrow.
  18.  Sumit warned me to be careful of that dog.
  19.  Charles suggested going for a walk.
  20.  The salesman assured me that the gadget came with a one-year warranty.
  21. Hashim stated that he had finished his project.
  22. The sign on the door requested visitors to enter quietly.
  23. Akhila informed us that the movie would start at 9 PM.
  24. Vishnu pleaded not to disturb Jayesh.
  25. Our Prime Minister emphasized the need for immediate action to protect the environment.
  26.  Afshan warned Anand not to eat the rotten apple.
  27.  Jyothi suggested going for a morning walk.
  28. Dinesh said that he preferred coffee over tea.
  29.  Sridhar told Giridhar that it was raining outside.
  30.  Ashish remarked that the birds were chirping.

Converting Indirect Speech to Direct Speech Exercises

Here is a question of 30 Indirect speeches that you have to convert into Direct speeches. The answers are provided after the questions.


  1. Rimjhim said that she was studying for her half-yearly exams.
  2. Debabrata exclaimed that it was a beautiful painting.
  3. Spoorti said that she was going to visit Kozhikode.
  4. Avishek informed us that the flight to Melbourne was delayed.
  5. Vandana inquired if I could tell her the way to the bus stop.
  6. Abitha told me that she would call me later.
  7. Rajeev told me that we had won the game.
  8. Ameya told me that she would be there on time.
  9. Sanchita exclaimed that she could not believe her eyes.
  10. Berny told me that she had visited her grandmother yesterday.
  11.  Anchit said he had lost his iPhone.
  12.  Balakrishna told Murali that he was feeling unwell.
  13.  Chitrang informed me that the meeting had been rescheduled.
  14.   Ebin offered to lend me a book.
  15. Lavanya said, “Avoid carbohydrate juice.”
  16.  Janardhan mentioned that he was studying for UPSC.
  17.  Aaliyah said she would prepare dinner for the party. 
  18.  Ranjan informed me that he had booked the train ticket to Shimla.
  19.  Thomas informed me that he was learning to play the electric guitar.
  20.  Rufus mentioned that he had finished reading the Agatha Christie series.
  21. Arpitha told me that she liked chocolate.
  22. Kumar asked me if I could help him.
  23.  Vishal said that he would never forget that day.
  24. Gopi apologized for what he had done.
  25. Veena confessed that she had eaten all the biscuits.
  26.  Smriti admitted that she had been the one who broke the glass.
  27. Bhaskar mentioned that he had lost his phone.
  28. Linta told me that she was feeling unwell.
  29. Steve informed me that he was moving to a new house.
  30. The girls shouted that they had won the game.


  1. Rimjhim said, “I am studying for her half-yearly exams.”
  2. Debabrata said, “It is a beautiful painting!”
  3. Spoorti said, “I am going to visit Kozhikode.”
  4. Avishek told us, “The flight to Melbourne is delayed.”
  5. Vandana asked, “Can you tell me the way to the bus stop?”
  6. Abitha told me, “I will call you later.”
  7. Rajeev said, “We won the game.”
  8. Ameya said, “I will be there on time.”
  9. Sanchita said, “I cannot believe my eyes!”
  10.  Berny said, “I visited my grandmother yesterday.”
  11.  Anchit said, “I have lost my iPhone.”
  12.  Balakrishna told Murali, “I am feeling unwell.”
  13.  Chitrang said, “The meeting has been rescheduled.” 
  14.  Ebin said, “I can lend you a book.”
  15.  Lavanya asked me to avoid carbohydrate juice.
  16.  Janardhan said, “He is studying for UPSC.”
  17.  Aaliyah said, “I will prepare dinner for the party.”
  18. Ranjan said, “I have booked the train ticket to Shimla.”
  19.  Thomas said, “I am learning to play the electric guitar.”
  20.  Rufus said, “I have finished reading the Agatha Christie series.”
  21. Arpitha said, “I like chocolate.”
  22. Kumar asked, “Can you help me?”
  23.  Vishal said, “I will never forget this day.”
  24. Gopi said, “I’m sorry for what I did.”
  25.  Veena said, “I ate all the biscuits.”
  26.  Smriti said, “I broke the glass.”
  27. Bhaskar said, “I have lost my phone.”
  28. Linta said, “I am feeling unwell.”
  29. Steve said, “I am moving to a new house.”
  30. The girls shouted, “We won the game!”

Identify Direct Speech & Indirect Speech

Here is a list of 20 questions. You need to identify which one is Direct speech and which one is Indirect speech.


  1. Krishna informed me that they had already booked their tickets.
  2. The class teacher said, “Students, pay attention.”
  3. They informed me they would be coming to visit Varanasi next week.
  4. Anil admitted that he had made a mistake.
  5. Navneet’s father said to her, “You were right.”
  6. Ashapreethi said, “I will come for dinner.”
  7. “Please pass me the food plate,” Shamim requested.
  8. The presenter announced that the program had been postponed.
  9. “Don’t forget to call Mita,” Ashwini reminded him.
  10. Rama said that she was going to the supermarket.
  11. “I am going to visit Sydney next month,” Moosa announced.
  12. Omana informed me that she was studying for her exams.
  13. They told me they would come late.
  14. “Why did you miss the conference?” the boss asked Lalith.
  15. The rugby team cheered, “We won the world championship.”
  16. Midhun confirmed he had never seen such a beautiful full moon before.
  17. The stranger asked, “Can you please direct me to the nearest bus stop?”
  18. Shaun mentioned that they were planning a surprise birthday party for Liza.
  19.  Saurav asked, “Could you help me with my homework?”
  20.  Ashok said that he had completed his task.


  1. Indirect speech
  2. Direct speech
  3. Indirect speech
  4. Indirect speech
  5. Direct speech
  6. Direct speech
  7. Direct speech
  8. Indirect speech
  9. Direct speech
  10.  Indirect speech
  11.  Direct speech
  12.  Indirect speech
  13.  Indirect speech
  14.  Direct speech
  15.  Direct speech
  16.  Indirect speech
  17.  Direct speech
  18.  Indirect speech
  19.  Direct speech
  20.  Indirect speech


In conclusion, it can be said that it is going to help a student in further studies if the student learns about Direct and Indirect speeches attentively. It can help the reader to visualize the entire concept of what the reader is trying to make everyone understand.   

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