65+ Common SAT words to improve your vocabulary

65+ common sat words to improve your vocabulary.

English is the language of education and academia. Many of the world’s leading universities and academic institutions conduct their courses in English. This means that a good understanding of the language is necessary to excel in higher education. A strong vocabulary is also essential for standardized tests like the SAT exam, IELTS, and TOEFL.

Additionally, English is the language of research, with most scientific papers and research studies published in English. As a result, a strong command of English is essential for anyone pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Having a strong English vocabulary is crucial for success in the Reading and Writing section of the digital SAT exam. A strong vocabulary is a fundamental component of English proficiency and is essential for effective communication, cognitive function, and creativity. A strong vocabulary can also enhance one’s creativity and imagination, enabling individuals to express themselves in new and innovative ways.

List of top SAT Vocabulary Words

abetv. to encourage or help a person to do something, in particular, something wrong
abjurev. formally renounce a formerly held belief or way of life
alacrityn. lively, quick and eager; prompt and cheerful willingness
anomalyn. unusual; a person or a thing that doesn’t fit in
benevolentadj. expressing kindness or goodwill; friendly and helpful
bereftadj. deprived of something or someone that you need or want
braggartn. someone who constantly brags or boasts about themselves or their achievements
coaxv. persistently and gently influence or pursue someone to do something by flattery
contradictv. to deny or say the opposite of what someone is stating or doing
confidev. to share or entrust something secretive or personal with someone
devisev. to form or invent a scheme, plan, or design using one’s intelligence
disparateadj. incapable of being compared; different in every way; utterly dissimilar
dubiousadj. inclined to doubt; suspicious and questionable; wavering and uncertain
eccentricadj. different and unusual or slightly strange; not perfectly circular
emendv. to make corrections and improvements to a text
expendv. to consume and exhaust something
facileadj. easy to make, do or achieve; being ignorant about true or deeper issues
ferocityn. state of being ferocious; violence or savagery
foreseeableadj. able to predict or anticipate
garrulousadj. excessively talkative or rambling, especially about unimportant matters
grandiloquentadj. using extravagant or complicated language or manner, to impress
gregariousadj. someone who enjoys socialising and being in crowds
haplessadj. ill-fated; unlucky; unfortunate
hostileadj. being unfriendly or aggressive; strongly opposing something
hypocriten. someone who preaches one belief, but their actions disagree with their beliefs
importunateadj. overly persistent or relentless, especially to the point of annoyance
inchoateadj. recently formed or just begun; yet to be fully completed
indulgev. to allow yourself to have something enjoyable; not to oppose or restrain a habit
 jeopardisev. to expose someone or something to danger, harm, or risk; to endanger
jettisonv. to discard something that is no longer wanted or needed
jovialadj. cheerful and good-humoured; pleasant, warm and friendly
kindlev. to cause or start a fire; to catch fire or begin burning; to cause interest, passion
kismetn. fate; destiny
knaven. a dishonest and unreliable person;
labileadj. likely to change or continually undergoing change; unstable
lamentn. an expression of grief, suffering, or sorrow
lexiconn. the vocabulary or general dictionary of a language, a person
maudlinadj. excessively sentimental; self-pitying
maximn. a short and self-evident statement expressing a general truth, moral teaching
modicumn. a small and limited portion, particularly desirable or valuable
necessitatev. to make something necessary or a requirement
nexusn. a form of connection between two or more things; a centre of something
nonchalantadj. casually calm and relaxed; unconcerned and detached
obsoleteadj. no longer in use or need; discarded or neglected
opinen. to have or express an opinion
ornateadj. elaborately decorated; finely finished
paragonn. a person or object that is a perfect example of a particularly good quality
peculiaradj. out of the ordinary; odd; strange
potentadj. possessing great power, influence, strength,or authority
quellv. to put an end to or suppress, by using force (usually unpleasant thoughts)
questv. attempt to find or obtain something; search
quixoticadj. unrealistic and exceedingly idealistic; admirable but impractical
rebukev. express harsh criticism or disapproval
reclusen. a person who lives in self-imposed isolation and avoids other people
renegaden.  a disloyal person who betrays, changes or deserts one allegiance
satiatev. to satisfy to excess, to fill to satisfaction
sinecuren. a position that requires little to no work but still pays an ample amount
stupendousadj. extremely astonishing or impressive; of stunning excellence
tawdryadj. cheap, gaudy and of low quality but showy and attractive
temperamentn. a person’s usual manner of thinking, behaving or reacting
tentativeadj. uncertain or not fixed; subject to future change
undulatev. to cause to move in a wavelike motion; to cause to resemble a wave
usuryn. the practice of lending money at unfairly high-interest rates
vehementlyadv. expressing in a strong, intense or forceful manner
vilifyv. to say defamatory things or speak ill of someone or something
waywardadj. difficult to control due to unpredictable behaviour
whimn. a sudden unusual and unexplained desire or change of mind
xenophobian. dislike or fear of foreigners, their culture, etc.
yelpn. a sudden, high-sound cry, usually when in pain
zestn. enthusiasm, excitement, energy, pleasure and interest

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