How to choose the best stream after the 10th? Take a look at this framework.

Which stream is best after 10th?

The conscience of the student and the experience of the seniors should be given utmost weightage during the stream selection after the 10th. The student’s interests and passion are equally important as the opinions that come based on the years of experience of others. Students, especially in India, find a very hard time to make a decision for two obvious reasons. The first reason is not having the necessary support for their interests from their parents and the second one is not having enough clarity within themselves. It’s at this point the real journey of a student begins and the decision should be made with the utmost diligence. It’s advised for the students to stay practical and be aware of their capabilities and interests before denying everything their parents suggest. And it’s equally important for parents not to be extremely stubborn about their opinions that may not properly align with the aspirations of their children. Both parents and students should embrace a practical approach and respect each other’s opinions while choosing a stream after the tenth. 

Factors to consider when choosing a stream after the 10th:

While there can not be a sure-shot way to choose a stream after the tenth, there are certain important factors that needed to be taken into consideration before finalizing the decision. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Student’s Passion:

No matter how many people involve in the entire process, at the end of the day, it is the student who is going to face the consequences of that decision. So, it’s important to respect what the student is most passionate and accordingly he/she should be guided. If there are serious mistakes in their thought process, they should be clearly taught how reality works and it’s worth investing time in consulting career counselors and senior students who can help the students make a sensible decision.

Current Trend:

The world has evolved to such an extent that those who don’t have contemporary skills will be out of race in no time. In 2023, things like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science are trending. So, if a student is interested in pursuing a career in STEM education, must be aware of what is currently trending in their area of interest. If the student is not interested in the Science stream, they should actively search on the internet about their area of interest and understand how their knowledge can help solve a problem in the current world. If they are passionate about something which can’t provide any promising opportunities in the future, it’s worth thinking twice. Because passion alone can’t get a job, there should be demand for what you are going to learn.

Opinion of peers and seniors:

This is by far the most crucial step that can help students get the necessary clarity to progress in their education. Conversations with peers help understand their perspectives and students will be very comfortable talking to them. On the other hand, seniors will not let the students make mistakes that they made a few years back. The age factor also is conducive here for the students and they can comfortably express their opinions while talking to their classmates and seniors.

Opinion of the parents:

Students at this stage should be mature enough to understand that their parents are not their enemies. Yes, parents tend to become extremely strict at this point in time majorly because of the suggestions by their friends which usually don’t align properly with the mindset of their children. But, as said earlier, students must think twice before stubbornly denying their parent’s opinion. Because, in most cases, students who make their own decisions after the tenth by not considering their parent’s perspective realize that they were not mature enough to choose the right stream after the tenth.

Student’s Vision

As a student where do you want to see yourself six years from now? Before choosing a stream after the 10th, students need to have clarity about why they want to do what they want to do. If the purpose is not clear, obviously the student will resent their decision by the time they finish their higher education. So, reverse engineering kind of thing can help in proper decision-making. Take a piece of paper and write what you want to become. Then search on the internet, what qualifications you need to have for your ideal job profile. Next, think about what stream needs to be taken for pursuing that course in higher education. This way, by having a clear-cut idea about the end goal, students can lay the foundation by choosing the right stream after the tenth.

Different streams to choose from after the 10th:

As we all heard, abundance is the enemy of motivation. That’s why it’s quite natural for students to get overwhelmed at this stage in their life. But with a clear idea about their interests and skillset, choosing the stream after the 10th need not be that strenuous. 

Now, let’s look at the different possible streams after the 10th.

MPC after the tenth:

Students who have plans in pursuing a career in engineering or other fields of STEM education must consider taking this course. If studied properly, bagging high-paying jobs with this stream is a certain thing. But, does the student have the fire and passion to take up this stream is the real question. MPC is one of the finest science streams after the 10th that is both challenging and promising at the same time. The popular UG options after MPC in intermediate are BTech, B.Sc., Charted Accountancy, etc.

BiPC after the tenth:

BiPC stands for Biology, Physics Chemistry, and is another popular science stream after the 10th. This is one of the hardest streams to choose after the tenth and of course, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Students who are aspirational about becoming a medical professional choose this stream and yes, apart from medicine, there are many other options available after BiPC in intermediate. Students must be well aware of the fact that it’s going to be a long-term game if they choose BiPC after the 10th. In simple words, no patience means no success in this stream.

Commerce Stream after tenth:

Commerce stream after the tenth may not look that fancy to the youth nowadays but there are a wealth of opportunities to grab after completing higher education in this stream. After finishing class 12th in the commerce stream, students can take up business administration courses, and if they finish their MBA, there will be a wealth of opportunities available in the market. Charted Accountancy(CA) is another popular career stream after MEC(Maths, Economics, Commerce) in intermediate. CA can be really time-consuming and is by far one of the toughest courses to clear in India. Of course, the rewards after finishing this course are equally fruitful.

Arts Stream after the 10th:

If the student aspires to unlock the creative dimension within themselves, they should definitely take up courses in the arts stream after the 10th. The arts stream helps students to pursue higher education in the fields of literature, fine arts, culinary arts, mass communication, etc. But, these courses shouldn’t be taken just for the sake of making money. Because people can’t sustain themselves if the driving force is money in the field of arts. So, apart from money, know what is that one creative aspect that is intrinsic in your life and plan to pursue a career in that field and you will lead an extremely fulfilling life.

Diploma/ Polytechnic after the tenth:

Unlike the traditional intermediate courses or 10+2 curriculum in CBSE, the polytechnic course is for a 3-year duration which can be considered as engineering after the 10th because it’s more oriented towards practical education than the theoretical curriculum. After completion of this diploma course, students can get a lateral entry into engineering where they will be directly promoted to the second year of engineering for which they need to clear the entrance tests conducted by the respected state government. This course is ideal for those who are more interested in learning things practically and are worried about finances to pursue engineering. But, the downside of choosing a polytechnic course after the tenth is that students are not eligible to attempt JEE which restricts them from studying in the prestigious engineering colleges in India.

Beware of the potential downsides of the Unconventional streams:

Apart from all the streams discussed above, there are some other unconventional streams to choose after the 10th. There are institutes that offer diplomas in creative fields like game designing, VFX, video editing, graphic design, etc. Career streams like these can excite students at that age but it’s advised to stick to the traditional way of education at least till they complete class 12th so that they will be mature enough to decide on taking up an unconventional path.

What are the different career paths available in different streams after the 10th?

Apart from the technical courses like engineering and medical courses like MBBS, students can freely choose various career paths irrespective of their educational background in most cases. If you are someone interested in moving abroad for your higher studies, it’s advised to prepare for SAT while studying intermediate to increase your chances of getting admission into top universities abroad. Now, let’s look at various streams students can pursue in UG and PG after they take up a particular stream after the 10th along with career opportunities associated with those streams in the table below.

Intermediate/ Class 11th Graduation Post Graduation Career Opportunities
MPC BTech, B.Sc., CA, B.Ed, B. Pharmacy MTech, M Sc., MBA, M Pharmacy Engineer, Teacher, Charted Accountant, research scholar, etc.
BiPC MBBS, B.Sc., Ag. B.Sc. MD, M Sc., M.Sc. (Agriculture), M Pharmacy Doctor, Lab Technician, Chemist, Pharmacist, Agricultural Officer, etc.
MEC CA, BBA, BA, B. Sc., B Com. MBA, MA, M Com. Charted Accountant, Teacher, etc.
CEC BA, B. Com., BBA, Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC), LLB(law) MA, M Com., MBA, LLM(law) Accountant, Sales Manager, Journalist, lawyer, etc.
HEC BA, BBA, Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC), LLB(law) MA, MBA, LLM(law) Teacher, Journalist, writer, archaeologist, lawyer, etc.
Polytechnic BTech, B. Sc. MTech, M Sc. Various opportunities in engineering

Best stream after 10th to go abroad:

For overseas education or to settle abroad, courses around technology are the best choice. Arts and commerce courses are very unlikely to provide opportunities abroad as most countries prefer to invite foreign nationals who can boost their country’s economy. Indian tech professionals grab some of the highest-paid jobs in competitive markets like the US and UK. Hence, MPC can be considered the best stream after the 10th to go abroad because of the tremendous scope for higher education and jobs abroad. After MPC in intermediate, you can pursue UG abroad in top universities and build a promising career.


As most of us are aware, the life of a student will be seriously determined by the stream they choose after the tenth. So, students must properly understand their interests and also search on the internet for in-demand career options and discuss with their parents and well-wishers before making a decision. Students also need to be aware of various streams after the 10th and the career opportunities associated with each stream to make an informed decision to which they can stick to till they reach their goals.


Which stream has more demand in the future?

We have entered the era of Artificial Intelligence and automation. So, if you are looking to grab in-demand jobs after your higher education, it’s important to pursue courses around tech for which you need to take the MPC stream after the tenth.BiPC is also an evergreen stream and you must consider it if you want to be a medical professional. However, there will be opportunities in the finance sector as well for which you may choose streams like CEC, or MEC.

Which is better science or arts?

There can’t be a definite answer to this as it largely depends on the interest of the students. From childhood, if you are curious about tech and creating things that solve a problem, you will most likely enjoy the science stream. If you are someone who embraces creativity all the time, the arts stream can be a better choice for you.

Which stream has more job opportunities?

Job opportunities vary depending on market conditions every year. So, while choosing a stream, instead of focusing on external factors, think about what you enjoy the most and then check if there are good opportunities that align with your interests. But, if we look at the numbers, students who chose MPC are more likely to get exposed to more job opportunities. But yes! This shouldn’t be the reason behind you choosing a stream as the decision should come based on your interests not based on what others are doing.

Which stream is best for NDA?

Anyone can apply for the NDA(National Defence Academy) exam irrespective of the stream you choose after the tenth if they fulfill the necessary criteria.

Which stream is best to go abroad?

MPC stream after tenth is one of the most popular streams after tenth to go abroad considering the job opportunities that are available in prospective countries like the US and the UK. To pursue UG abroad, students generally take up MPC with integrated SAT to equip themselves for overseas education in STEM fields. However, other streams like MEC and BiPC are also good to choose from after the 10th to go abroad.

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