A Last 3 Month Study Plan to Nail Class 10 Board Exams!

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Categorize your Subjects

Place the easy ones in Category One. Challenging ones in Category Two.

Self-Study + Tuition

Create a timetable by yourself for easy subjects. For tough subjects, get a private tutor's help.

Month 1 of 3

Focus more on easy to mid-level difficulty concepts. This will boost confidence and give a sense of accomplishment.

Month 2 of 3

Now, flip the time allotment. More time for difficult concepts and relatively less time for easier concepts.

First half of month 3

Give 50% time for revision and the other 50% for new concepts.

Month 1 of 3

Just focus on revision and attempting as many mock tests as possible.

Additional Tips:

– Avoid mugging up concepts. – Say no to comparison. – Stay mentally and physically fit. – Don’t associate your worth with your scores

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