With back-to-back triumphs of ISRO, all eyes are on India’s upcoming space missions. Let’s a have look at them.

All Images: Canva

All Images: Canva

X-ray Polarimeter Satellite(2023)

To study the polarization of cosmic X-rays by studying the 50 brightest known sources in the universe.

NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar  (NISAR)-(2024)

A collaboration between ISRO & NASA. For remote sensing, it’s co-developed to launch a dual-frequency synthetic aperture radar satellite.

Mangalyaan 2-(2024)

The second interplanetary mission of India is planned for launch to Mars. It’s going to be an orbiter mission.

Gaganyaan-1 (2025)

A trial mission intended to be the basis of the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme.

Gaganyaan-2 (2027)

Second flight test prior to the inaugural crewed mission with an intention to carry three people into space.


A crewed Spacecraft. If successful, India will become the fourth country in the world to independently send humans to space.


India's second dedicated multi-wavelength space telescope. It is the successor of the current Astrosat-1 observatory.


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